BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox captain Jason Varitek spoke to WAAF Wednesday morning to give his thoughts on all the drama surrounding the team this offseason.

The Sox backstop was quick to shoot down the allegations of drinking in the dugout, saying he never saw anything like that. He also said the leaks from the team need to be plugged up, giving them a chance to solve these issues internally.

“We have to quit filling the coolers with vodka and beer,” Varitek joked. “Guys are professional, and I believe this group still handled themselves that way despite that going on.”

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“I think the worst thing that has gone on, is that this team has handled things internally. We’ve had problems the 15 years I’ve been there, but nobody knows about them,” said Tek.

“You can’t have 25 guys around each other for six to eight months and not have trouble,” said Varitek. “Those things have happened, but the problem is we’ve handled them internally for so long.  We’ve won. The majority of the time we’ve been here. We’ve had that opportunity to go into the playoffs. We’ve taken care of them internally, all of a sudden we don’t and we perform well and these things are now brought about an unnamed source? Shame on them.”

Jason Varitek Talks Red Sox Drinking, Sources

Varitek does not think the source is a fellow player, but with all that has come out, is not completely positive.

“You don’t really know at this point. That’s what’s shameful in this thing, besides the way we played,” he said.

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While Varitek admits pitchers’ drinking in the clubhouse is not the best thing for the team, he admits it is nothing new.

“Wrong, yeah it’s wrong. Was it out of control? I don’t believe it was out of control. Do those things happen and nobodies aware it’s going on, absolutely,” he said. “Is this something new? No. Look back to ‘04, everyone giggles over Millar taking shots… it’s something that is not good to be promoted from baseball, period. For it to be a problem, no.”

Finding himself as a backup now, Varitek did say he has to police players in the clubhouse once in a while, but it is not a serious problem.

“It happens once or twice a year. I’ve never seen anyone play a video game. Pregame, sure,” he said, but never during a game.

Varitek also touched on a number of other topics:

On John Lackey’s emotion on the mound: “If he wasn’t a good teammate, people would probably get offended. That’s exactly what’s gone on here. All of a sudden things crash, people point fingers outward instead of inward. But lackey is so respected among teammates, whether he’s performed well or not.”

On Lackey pitching hurt: “The man pitched all year for us, took the ball every day whether he was healthy or not… he had to deal with a lot physically. Everyone is making a big deal of what he had to do off the field; that’s not a part of it.”

“He took the ball when he didn’t have to… he wasn’t 100-percent.”

On Josh Beckett: “Josh, outside of the day he pitches, is as social and as much a part of the clubhouse as anybody. He talks to me more than I talk to him. Doesn’t matter if you’re a first year guy, second year guy, last year guy. Those are things we’ve always done here since our early days.”

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On the team respecting manager Terry Francona: “I would say yes, everybody has their own respect for their own manager. I’m still going to play with the utter respect. This is my elder. This is the way I was brought up. This is the way I was raised. Whether guys are going to go in a foxhole with somebody, at this point it doesn’t matter. He’s still our boss. It doesn’t matter what happens. He makes the lineup, we go out and play. He makes the lineup, we go out and play.”

On Carl Crawford’s “Go Ask The Captain”: “There’s never been an issue (with Carl and I). Since the day Carl signed, I was actually in the clubhouse, working out. Just got out of the pool. Alright Carl, finally got you on my team. Now I don’t have to worry about the herniated disc in my neck, when he ran me over at the plate. I could never throw him out.  Then he fouled a ball off my foot and breaks my foot. Now I can last a full season.”

“Carl didn’t have his best year. But he faced probably more than he has his whole career. The next year, the next year, he’s going to get even better.”

If Players Quit: “I don’t think anyone quit. I think there are a lot of contributing factors that relate to baseball. Why did we stink early? We didn’t hit when we pitched well enough to win. We didn’t hit. Why did we win in the middle? We knocked the cover off the ball. Or we pitched well enough to allow ourselves early to knock the cover off the ball. That’s why we won. We didn’t win with stellar defense, stellar pitching. We won with offense and just getting by with our pitching.”

Comments (11)
  1. chilitokid says:

    2 people came out today and said they saw Red Sox players drinking in the dugout. We all know that the Red Sox couldn’t hit and now we know the reason why…..they’re blind!!! When is someone going to re-watch every game and look for empty cans in the dugout?

  2. jaygee says:

    It appears that while everyone else is in hiding, Varitek has become the PR guy. The bottom line is that the entire team was not ready for the season when it started and that is the fault of the manager. The team was also not ready to play in September and that was the fault of the players & once again, Francona. They were tired, they took the money and ran away for the winter and that’s that. People will continue to cough up big money to watch these crybabies and continue to make the rich, richer………………….but not me.

  3. Tony says:

    People are blind… to keep ticket sales up, everyone has to win the World Series nowadays at some point. The Stanley Cup too. Because the Bruins are such a stellar team this year… or were they EVER?

  4. JoeyFromTheNorthEnd says:

    The bruins have made the playoffs 4 seasons in a row. The Red Sox have NEVER done that ever! Even with the huge payroll.

  5. jc says:

    Shame on Veritek – here’s how to define rhim:
    V is for a Very arrogant person

    A is the Area of his anatomy his rational is coming from

    R is for Rat- and you know who I am

    I is for “I’m” not the reason any of this is happening

    T is for THE REASONS I gave for Lackey, Beckett and Lester but nothing for “TITO”

    E is for the ENTITLED captain – envious of Pedi

    K is for the Kite he told all Red Sox Nation to fly – because w/o saying their sorry we (Red Sox Nation)must let go.

    1. jaygee says:

      JC………well done.

  6. George says:

    I always liked Varitek but this is pathetic. What he said today was laughable it was so unbelievable. On the same day Lester admits many were drinking Varitek “never saw” anything except Millar in 2004. If you want to get drunk and play then admit it. Maybe it improves their peformance.

    Tek, Ortiz, DiceK and Drew are all gone this winter and if Cherrington was smart he’d try and trade Crawford for Werth. They both have similar contracts and had similar years. A change of scenery may help both and Werth is righthanded.

    In addition the Red Sox should pick up a great catcher (Yadier Molina), a starter (CJ Wilson) and two relievers (Bell & Broxton). They should also keep Papelbon..

  7. blackbear1 says:

    I remember quite a few years ago after the Celtics lost early in the playoffs, Larry Bird was so upset at the loss, that he vowed to “torture” himself with work/workouts in the off season to insure this would not happen again. He was rededicating himself !! I’m not hearing this from any of the Red Sox players. Only childish, immature denials and spin. The captain should not concern himself with anonymous sources, as they are not the issue. The clubhouse/dugout conduct and culture is!! The lack of professionalism and pride is!!

  8. Tito says:

    Shouldn’t this be titled “ex Red Sox captain”? I’m surprised that every Red Sox player hasn’t spoken up on the issue and give their reason for their horrendous April and their record setting September. I guess they are too busy playing golf to worry about becoming a snitch.

  9. Italo says:

    Sure, everybody’s gotta make a living, including athletes, and why would they turn away the money offered them–I wouldn’t, either! But the difference I notice between, say, the Sox and the Bruins: the Bruins seemed to play and win because they cared and wanted to; the Sox, I just get the vibe that they’re doing it for the bling, punching out at the season’s end, and takin’ the dough. Too bad it’s come to seem all about a lot of their thick gold neck chains and It’s About Me individual attitudes.

  10. mikey says:

    wait a minute here!!

    MULTIPLE people come out and blow the whistle on irresponsible behavior that no one has done anything about, and Varitek says shame on the whistleblowers???

    I’m sorry Varitek, but you’ve just showed a SEVERE lack of professionalism and where your moral compass points! You’ve just showed everybody that this a game played by old men in a ‘good old boys club’ and you don’t give a rats posterior for what you are PAID to do.

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