NEWTON (CBS) – An exclusive school for boys says it will apologize to any student that may have been sexually assaulted over the years.

The Fessenden School in Newton sent a letter to over 7,500 former students, current students, teachers, staff and friends saying that there is concern some students may have been sexually abused on campus back 30 years ago.

In a statement Headmaster David B. Stettler, says:

“Because our first priority as a school is to protect health, safety and well-being of the boys here, I apologize on behalf of The Fessenden School to anyone who was harmed or hurt in any way while attending our school or by individuals who were part of our school community.”

Mitchell Garabedian, a Boston attorney, represents two former students who claim to have been assaulted in the 1970’s

Speaking to WBZ, Garabedian asks, “Why didn’t they send out a letter back in the 70’s when the assistant Headmaster was abusing children?”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Rod Fritz reports

The letter does offer free confidential counseling to any former student who thinks they were abused during their time at Fessenden.

  1. bystander says:

    I don’t think there is anyone at Fessenden currently who was even affiliated with the school 30 years ago. A great number of the faculty wasn’t even born yet when this all took place. It is a complete shame that nothing was done 30 years ago but I am happy to see the school taking responsibility for someone elses unforgivable actions.

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