Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joining Felger and Massarotti in the studio to talk some Pats.

What do Brady’s on-field actions tell us about his confidence in his teammates? And what do Brady’s years with Randy Moss tell us about Chad Ochocinco’s future in the offense?

Find out how Ochocinco’s signing differs from other high-profile players New England has brought in…and what it tells us about Belichick’s expectations for him.

The guys go on to debate who deserves the blame for Ochocinco’s poor performance thus far, and why they’ll need him down the stretch.

Wrapping up the conversation, the guys move to the other side of the ball…After showing improvement in back to back efforts against the Jets and Cowboys, find out whether the guys believe the defense is for real.

Comments (2)
  1. Will says:

    Even the audio that’s supposed to be about football opens with minutes on the stupid Red Sox. Enough already!

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