DEA Wants Your Unused Prescription Drugs

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Drug Enforcement Administration says people can drop off unused prescriptions at sites around the country next week as part of an effort to prevent drug abuse.

The agency’s third such event is set for Oct. 29.

The DEA says the first two collections took in more than 309 tons of pills.

The drugs are incinerated.

The agency says surveys show that more people in the United States abuse prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin and hallucinogens combined.

When people dispose of unused prescriptions, they often flush them.

That can send unwanted medicines into the water supply.

The DEA says people can drop off their unused prescriptions for free, with no questions asked.

A searchable list of collection sites is available under the “Got Drugs” link at

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  • Ed Hall

    Maybe if they paid for the prescriptions they would have more success. They pay for guns, why not dangerous prescriptions?

  • njuguna muigai

    May a similar boxes similar to the yellow ones where needles are put after use can be placed in street where people can dispose expired drugs these boxes can be painted with green colour

  • Italo

    In the bigger picture, I’m wondering why there are so many prescribed drugs that aren’t being used? Overall, are these prescriptions that patients are given for ongoing chronic conditions and they just fall off of them without telling their docs; or are they antibiotics they don’t finish for diagnosed infections, which in itself can make them sicker by the untreated part of the infection becoming stronger? Maybe a bigger problem to examine, at the same time, is why patients are still prescribing meds to their patients who aren’t sticking to the dosage schedules or finishing them as recommended — while the docs remain being reimbursed, the drug companies keep on getting paid, and the patients continue to be paying for all these unused meds.

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