Who Is The Biggest A-Hole Of The Red Sox Collapse?

Since the Red Sox collapse in September lots of things have happened within the Red Sox organization. Players and the organization have come out and tried to cover themselves but pointing fingers and making loads of excuses for what happened and some have not come out so clean. Toucher & Rich want to know who you think is the biggest A-Hole of the Red Sox collapse. Listen to the reasons the guys give for each guy making the cut and your calls on who you think should be moving on. Take a look at the bracket, leave your comments and listen to Toucher & Rich the rest of the week for the results.


John Lackey vs John Henry

Josh Beckett vs Curt Schilling

Round 1

Josh Beckett vs Tim Wakefield

Larry Lucchino vs Curt Schilling

John Lackey vs Big Papi

John Henry vs Jon Lester

(Click on the bracket for a bigger view)
a hole braket12 Who Is The Biggest A Hole Of The Red Sox Collapse?

  • Patrick Lyons

    Pretty confident, like 100%, that Lackey is the cancer and should get a pass into the finals and also be declared the winner right now. Just saying.

  • Manny Brito

    lackey is for sure the favorite to win this whole thing. why isn’t Francona on this bracket? i’m not saying it his fault but he should at least be on this bracket even if he gets eliminated on the 1st round

  • Del

    I think the “biggest a-hole” award should go to everybody with the exception of Pedroia, Ellsbury, and Scutaro. Shame on the Red Sox long term players (yeah, I’m looking at you Ortiz, Varitek, Youkilis, and Wakefield) who stood by & let Lackey infect the team. Shame on the manager who clearly just gave up – for whatever reason. Shame on the front office who really have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Red Sox are nothing more than a revenue stream. And double shame on the FO for the leaks & the lies & the character assassination. Can’t wait to hear what they say about Theo.

    OK, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest & because you want a single vote, I’d have to say that Josh Beckett gets that vote for not being a stand up guy at all. He put the “ME” in “team”.

  • Darren

    Lackey for sure but Beckett is a close second…

  • D

    I saw Lackey in the front row of the Soul Piper show last weekend…congrats John, stright to the finals

  • Beth

    It’s gonna be a tough battle between Lackey & Beckett in the final round – they both infected the clubhouse and took good guys like Lester down with them. Granted Lester should have known better.

  • Doc

    Lackey. Showing up his teammates all year, even when the Sox were winning.

  • Brian

    I vote for Wollack

  • Brian

    You left off Veriteck and Youkalis? Based on who you have tho Lackey vs Henry and Lucchino vs Wakefield

  • Brian J Guinan

    Lackey and Wakefield should have gotten a bye so you could add Veriteck and Youkalis

  • Brian J Guinan

    I vote for Jerrey Remy. Thats right the REM DOG is an A-HOLE

  • Brian

    I vote for REM DOG. he was talking about The REMEY’s the whole last week of the collapse. Remey’s an A-HOLE

  • kevin

    it was a team collapse. with the talent they have there is no reason to go 7 -20 in september. while one person may have been responsibility for a loss or two along the way. it took the entire organization to lose 20 games!

  • taxedout

    How much time ya got!!!

  • Stanley11

    I know Lackey is the easy target, but if the whole team likes him, could he be much of a cancer or an a-hole?

  • gweg

    Pretty confident that the media in and around the globe are the biggest lairs and a-holes here.

  • George

    The biggest A-Hole is “THE TAMPA BAY RAYS”. They ahould be hated for all eternity for the insanity they created for us. LOL

  • George

    PS – And let’s not forget Crawford came to us from THE TAMPA BAY RAYS. JUST ONE MORE REASON THE HATE THEM FOR ALL ETERNITY. They are the A-hole definately. I say trade our “entire team and management for their entire team and management”. That way we can beat them next year….LOL

  • dcrintaunton

    lackey and henry should never have been in the same bracket. why is schilling still in the running? henry vs beckett … henry will prevail. reality check…..
    good god, i must be crazy, fretting about this. nonetheless, my money is on henry. (don’t tell my wife.)

  • roberto tambien

    clearly the biggest A-Hole are the Boston media. Let this go, you muckraking chimps!

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