One of the big stories that came out of the NFL this weekend was the scuffle between San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. Harbaugh and his 49ers dealt the Lions their first loss of the season. Harbaugh was very excited about the win and met Schwartz at midfield after the clock ran out for a handshake. Harbaugh also slapped Schwartz’s back on the way by and that was it for Schwartz. Schwartz then said something to Harbaugh and then yelling ensued.

Bert Breer of the NFL Network joined Toucher & Rich to talk about the scuffle on the field, the game between the two teams and what the league did about it.

The league did not levy any fines against the coaches for what happened after the game on Sunday, but will this lead some to consider getting rid of the handshake after games?

“I don’t know what harm it does, it’s once in awhile that it becomes an issue. Both coaches were reprimanded by the league, they both got written warnings and all of that. I think that there are probably some players that are raising their eyebrows over this whole thing. I actually liked it, now that doesn’t mean it can happen every game,” Breer said.

They also went on to read some players tweets about the incident that took place.


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