HAMPSTEAD, N.H. (CBS) – A missing 9-year-old boy from Hampstead, New Hampshire has been found safe.

Police brought Devin Frenette home Tuesday evening. Devin’s family says he went missing about 12:30 p.m. Monday.

On Tuesday evening, a Brown Hill Road resident called police to tell them that they located Devin. He was apparently asleep under a bed.

The home is about 1,000 feet from Devin’s home.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

Holding Devin in her arms, the boy’s mother thanked neighbors and searchers.  “Thank you so much everyone, words can’t express how grateful we are, thank you.”

Devin was found in the home of Jeff and Claire Gill. They say they noticed a few things out of place, and started looking around the house. Claire says she found Devin under a bed with a carton of ice cream and a bottle of water.

They made sure the boy was OK and immediately called police.

State and local police had been using helicopters, search dogs and patrols to scour the woods and swamps near Devin’s home.

Devin’s father, Mark Frenette, told WBZ-TV that his son has gone missing once before.

It happened last spring, but Devin was found a few hours later playing in the neighborhood next to his.

Devin is developmentally delayed both mentally and physically.

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  1. Cis says:

    geez! once is an accident twice is just irresponsible. @ what point do the parents take responsbilitly? are they going to reimburse the state for this search ? based on kids history and “developmental” issues better supervision if not a gps device is warranted. lojack has a personal gps and in some cases Medicaid pays for it where person is considered at risk (autism, alzheimers) . tracking eqpt is provided to law enforcement at no cost, including training.

    1. shar says:

      Your a ASS. This is not the time for that kind of response.

    2. dee says:

      Let me guess, you are not a parent are you? but you sure seem to be an expert on the gps and other tracking devices. so what would your “expert opinion” be then if these services were in place and this happened?
      The bottom line is a little boy IS MISSING! so take your wasted energy and put it towards prayers that this child is found safe!!

    3. PeggieQ says:

      You are clueless as to how a Special Needs child can get lost. They are very inventive, and you do have to go to the bathroom occasionally, or cook, or do laundry. Do you suggest a child be chained to the radiatior?

    4. Real Bum says:

      A bright future in the state prison for this young man.
      Good luck!

      1. John says:

        I agree. But maybe he will be next to his parents.

  2. mackytack says:

    well, we are all extremely concerned for this boy’s safety, but i must agree with Cis, that there should be some accountability from the parents? if ‘special needs’ are involved, then there MUST be better supervision!!!
    praying that Devin arrives back safe and sound!

  3. PeggieQ says:

    Having been a Special Needs teacher for 30 years, this does happen, and it has nothing to do with neglect. I know that Mashpee Police provided a Special Needs bracelet, so he could be found, the next time. I am sure they will find this child, who is probably hiding and very frightened. I hope his police department has access to these bracelets.

    1. mackytack says:

      once yes, but twice? within a year?? to make the headlines? c’mon, really?

    2. Italo says:

      Also, there is a new type of assistive technology, for instance utilized with wandering elders with differing issues, called eTextiles….optic microfibers woven into clothing, with which someone who is older and sundowning, or otherwise cognitively challenged and wandered off, can be tracked and hopefully found safely more readily. This type of technology assistance is going to help much more, going forward and not just for criminal situations, but also for health reasons with individuals with whom this occurs in medical health condition situations. I’m glad the little boy was found safe — I’d rather it have been with a carton of ice-cream and water than due to some other terrible situation! :)

    3. John says:

      um I am sorry but not watching the kid = neglect

  4. Ellen says:

    I hope and pray to God they find this child. My prays are now with the parents who must be going through hell right about now.

    1. Jim Haines says:

      Ellen – Reread the story. It says the police returned the boy home safely.

      1. Ellen says:

        Jim I posted that earlier when the boy was missing. This is another article not the one i posted on. But I am glad they did find the little boy and glad for his parents as well.

  5. PeggieQ says:

    I hate myself for this thought, but has anyone, besides family, seen him since they returned from a two week vacation (during the school year?)

    1. mackytack says:

      sickening, but i must confess, it crossed my mind as well…i hope we are both wrong…

      1. casper says:

        he is home schooled PeggieQu and having read some of your comments here with all due respect I can see why it might have crossed your mind

  6. njuguna muigai says:

    This is very worrying how children and babies are dissapearing, it something people need to seek divine intervention.Deaspite all resources and all intellegent we have to pray for God protection to our children

  7. gramps says:

    “A happy ending”…

    This Lad needs a ‘service dog’/companion….


    1. gramps says:

      These S/BE musts on the Frenette’s shopping list from now on!

      Friendly’s Smooth Churned Light Purely Pistachio Ice Cream…..

      Applesauce…Both plain & cinnamon.


      Ole’ Devin might have somthing here. Apparently, sleeping ‘under’ the bed, as opposed to under the covers, might just be the best defense against the

      1. Italo says:

        But gramps, you are forgetting Nutella, and Edy’s Peppermint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream (the old-fashioned original, not their Lite, version) — must-haves! :->

  8. Michelle Fuller Fitzgerald says:

    Shame on you cowards hiding behind a screen name and blaming the parents. My wish for you is to end up with a special needs child so you can spend some time in the shoes of this boys parents! Gutless!

    1. mackytack says:

      honesty? what an ignorant statement…
      had you read correctly, you would have learned that some who posted here, DO have special needs children…
      what is gutless about expecting parents to know the whereabouts of this child??? ESPECIALLY after this occurred once before, where it made headline news!!!

  9. emom says:

    Having a disabled child is work, You must be vigilante in watching them and caring for some of them. In this world many parents want nothing but the best for their child, even if he or she has difficulties. But at some point there has to be a level of watching them and being sure they stay safe. When they become adults, If able too, they need to understand how to do certain things in daily living. However if there is a risk of them simply walking away and not letting anyone know where they are that can be a dangerous situation. With young children it would seem wise to attach a child find device on them for their protection and giving their parents and the authorities the upper hand in locating them sooner.
    A service animal is a great idea as well, as long as they follow the child everywhere, actually I have heard stories where it was beneficial in locating a child many years ago., The dog kept the child safe and warm.. Wonderful suggestion gramps….
    We need to understand how difficult it is to raise a child with difficulties. they can be as curious as the rest. Keeping them safer is also more of a need . I am glad he was found safe,,, But its time to add a safety device to help find him next time. I pray it doesn’t happen But better safe than sorry… Glad he is well.

  10. Mark M says:

    Ok, let me get this straight. A town of around 8500. Takes 12 different authorities to search for a child that has broken into a house, eaten/stolen food and there is no action taken to correct this issue just let him/ the parents go on.
    This “disabled” thing can only justify the childs actions to a certain point.
    Lets see what happens when this kid does the same thing when he’s 18. Not going to get the warm welcome he is getting now or maybe he will whats one more tax dollar paid search and rescue.
    All you people who are stating that I would not know what it is like to have a disabled family member you are sadly mistaken. I have 2 family members that are his age that are way worse off.
    The following should happen next time he “wanders” off:
    1. Call your neighbors before you start a town wide search Again….
    2. If you want your privacy then don’t go making public announcements. Good way to start avoiding attention.
    3. Parents should be more responsible regardless of the child’s disability.
    Say what you want in reply I and several others are tired of stupid parents who can’t keep track of there children disability or not.

    1. casper says:

      Mark M – sadly most are not perfect parents such as you. I certainly hope that those that are not perfect do not follow your instructions. Checking home and neighbors is to be done very quickly and then immediate notification of authorities is next along. I would consider the stupid parent to be the one who didn’t want his/her picture or pleas in the public’s eye. The first three hours are the most critical – act and don’t be influenced by judgmental people on blogs who have no clue that things happen. They may be tired of parents who can’t keep track of their kids but hopefully the majority are tired of idiots who feel they are above making mistakes and having things happen to them.

      1. mackytack says:

        casper, we are ALL happy to know the boy is safe and sound,
        and no one here is claiming to be perfect,
        but is it too much to ask, for the parents of ANY child, to keep
        a watchful eye, AFTER you have ALREADY BEEN THROUGH THIS ORDEAL???????
        gimme a break…
        how many times do you lose your own children?
        yes, time is of the essence…obviously…that’s besides the point here…
        it seems as though this boy is a ‘roamer’, and knowing such, warrants more supervision!!!

      2. casper says:

        and you are qualified to judge the parents on a media report – one an incident – knowing no more than you read in the paper. Good for you.

      3. mackytack says:

        casper?? qualified? what are you talking about? THEY brought it to the media (AGAIN btw) not me!!! judging? they put themselves in the spotlight by ‘losing’ their child again…3 strikes…i hope we don’t hear this story again…how many times must one discover their child ‘missing’ before we question the attentiveness of the parents?
        i only want the child to be safe, and do not feel these parents have acted responsibly…

  11. Denise says:

    I’m glad he’s safe – but the thing that cracks me up is they show him riding on an officers lap! How many of us thought… if that was me and my kid going down the street – we’ld end up w/ a ticket for child endangerment! DSS on our doorstep and fines up the whawho!

  12. petem says:

    I can speak as the parent of a child with both physical and emotional disabilities. It is so far beyond the type of parenting that parents of traditional kids do, there is no comparison. It is a 24*7*365*forever job, where the occasional bathroom break means something happens. Most of us are lucky that something bad doesn’t happen, but sometimes it does.
    In this case all people can do is attack the parent, who they do not know, and therefor can’t speak for or about, just because they have to be an authority about something. If you want to help and not add to the burden we carry already, then offer to give the parents a break so they can decompress, because as wonderful as my 20 year old is, parents still need time, and most of us never get a break…

    1. tsal says:

      petem – sadly you are one of the few posts here that I can read without feeling anger at the lack of compassion and the total ignorance. Your 20 year old is a very lucky person to have you and I wish for you and for the family of this child the very, very best.

      1. petem says:

        Thanks for the nice compliment, but I would add we have been the ones who’ve become better people because of him…

      2. Tsal says:

        Well petem. That literally brought me to tears – happy tears. I will restate – you are indeed a very lucky family

    2. beaches says:

      petem, I agree with you and I do understand I have a 25 yr. old I wouldn’t trade for anything. He has made me a better person as you probably are too.

  13. tsal says:

    I cam here to find out about this boy and his parents and expected an outpouring of love for two people whose son had been missing far too long. I should have known better but I am forever the optimist. Maybe some day.

    1. John says:

      OUTPOURING OF LOVE!? Let me ask you why would you give parents who clearly neglected their son an outpouring of love? These two are not fit to have children.

  14. John says:

    Obviously the kid is some sort of a retahd or sumthin.

    But seriously the kid should be put into a caring home and the parents should be put away for neglect. Can you imagine not watching the kid better? They were probably smoking crack or worse!

    1. beaches says:

      Moron, I think you’re on crack.

    2. gramps says:

      John, with a remark like that, it’s ‘so’ inappropriate, no-wonder that your name is a ‘Synonym’ for a……’Commode!


  15. The Batman says:

    And once again the anonimity of the internet allows people to show their true colors and let the baser aspect of their personality out in public for all to see. You all need to thank God that you do not have a special needs child to care for. And since the Bible clearly states that the meek with inherit the earth, you will all be happy to know that you have been left out of the will.

    1. Tsal says:

      Bravo from me also Batman!

  16. roneida says:

    I thought there is a device for elderly people with Alsheimers, or the type of device they put on people confined to their home that allows tracking electronically If this kid is clever enough to play hide and seek, he will do it again. Ask the cops or the parole division.

  17. mackytack says:

    well, what do you say about all this now?
    HE IS MISSING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    must be looking for another ride in the police car?

  18. robin boutin says:

    I am the biological mother of devin and his sister sandra I never neglected them devin never had these issues before I fought for them almost 4 years the state never gave them back. They the state has put them in two different neglectful homes I tried fighting the state because of this I have not seen them 10 years I never stoped looking. Now I find devin and he’s not ok its my job to protect them. Help me someone

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