MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – Police in New Hampshire are asking for the public’s help identifying two men who robbed a Manchester jewelry store.

The men held up Hannoush Jewelers on South Willow Monday afternoon

They initially attempted to tie up all the employees with flex cuffs. But when that failed, the two men ordered the workers to open up the jewelry cases.

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports

Watch The Surveillance Video

During the robbery, one of the crooks witnessed the manager triggering the store’s alarm and proceeded to pistol-whip him.
Police say the manager was not seriously hurt.

As the men were leaving, they ordered a woman customer to the floor at gunpoint.

Manchester police are asking anyone with information to give them a call.

  1. Gerard says:

    In this troubling economy and drug addicted people getting more desperate I can’t understand why any store owner, manager etc. isn’t arming themselves. Look at that poor store clerk in Jamaica Plain I think it was, who was shot by a career criminal even after giving him the $$. People…get a lawful permit to carry and start fighting back. It may be the difference between you getting home that night to see your family or getting a ride in the coroners van. I know someone who has a store that has to have a decent amount of cash around to pay out for gold. He has his equalizer, a Smith & Wesson 45 tucked in his belt at all times. Hopes he never has to pull it from that belt area but he realizes it might mean his survival!

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