BOSTON (CBS) –  The CBSBoston Sports team breaks down the Patriots matchup with the Dallas Cowboys, and predict who will come out on top.

Scott Zolak, 98.5 The Sports Hub

My key to this Dallas game is it’s not about DeMarcus Ware. If you watched the whiteboard yeah, yeah, yeah it’s about defense. Brady will handle all that.

Gresh & Zo Whiteboard: Where is Ware?

I’m convinced Patriots will score 34 points in this game. My key approaching this Dallas team is to keep Tony Romo upright, protected and in the pocket, because he is one of the most overrated, overpaid athletes in the National Football League. He mentioned the words Super Bowl this week. Go out and win a couple playoff games before you can even talk Super Bowl. Then we’ll know who’s on what side of the fence or not.

I think you know what side of the fence I’m on. I think Romo sucks.

Andy Gresh, 98.5 The Sports Hub

Very simply this is a team with no heart. The Cowboys are a team in key situations where unless they’re out to a big lead and they’re front runners, they never win. They won’t win.

They won a close game against Washington in what turned into a field goal kicking contest, but this is a different breed of cat they’re going up against this week. Tony Romo will throw his usual 4th quarter interception and the Patriots will end up getting a win.

A lot of people are saying that this is going to be a tough test. From the talent standpoint yes. From the heart standpoint no.

Dan Roche, WBZ-TV

A lot of people are predicting a Patriots loss this week to the Dallas Cowboys.

But, I begin with an interesting stat: since Gillette Stadium opened in 2002, the Patriots are 17-1 at home against NFC opponents, including 17 straight (lone loss came in first game against the NFC to Green Bay).

The Cowboys are coming in off a bye week so they will be rested and ready to go.

Meanwhile, Tony Romo has been much-maligned for his poor decision-making late in games. You can make a strong case that Dallas should be at least 3-1 after Romo handed the Jets a 27-24 win with a let interception in the season opener. However, the Cowboys are still very potent with Romo under center. They also get back WR Miles Austin, who missed the last two games with a hamstring injury. He averaged 7 receptions, 117 yards, and 2 TD’s in his first two games of the season. Add in TE Jason Witten, who has 27 catches for 241 yards and a TD, and you’ve got a pretty potent punch. And, don’t forget about the speedy Dez Bryant, who is averaging 17 yards per catch and has 3 TD’s in 4 games.

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It will be a tough day for the improving Patriots defense, but a defense that tends to produce turnovers at home.

On the other side…the concern is Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis, who has been hobbled all week with a bad toe. The Pats running game may be led by rookie Stevan Ridley or Danny Woodhead if he can come back from an ankle injury.

Dallas has two things going for it defensively. One is All-Pro linebacker Demarcus Ware, who is tied for 4th in the league with 5 sacks. Those sacks also seem to come at big times. Plus, Rob Ryan is the new defensive coordinator for the Cowboys and his defense shut down Brady and company last season when he was in Cleveland. Give Ryan two weeks to prepare and it could make for a tough day.

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With that said, I think the Patriots at home will find a way to win.

Prediction: Patriots 31, Dallas 24

Levan Reid, WBZ-TV

I’m starting to think that as long as the Pats play at home in the regular season, they are going to win.  If there was ever a game that Tom Brady and the offensive line wanted to prove something, this is it.  Rob Ryan’s defense took Tom and the O-line apart when he was with Cleveland last year.  He’s the Cowboys defensive coordinator and they have to feel they have the Tom Brady whisperer on their side.  Brady may want to change those thoughts.

The Pats are going to see Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Ware.  He may be the best player the Pats have seen this season.  Containing him is the key to the game.  The Pats stop him and the offense can pretty much do what ever it wants.

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Defensively they face another big task at receiver with Dez Bryant and tight end with Jason Witten.  But running back Felix Jones may be the key here.  If he has a hundred yard day, the Pats will lose this game.

I believe the Patriots will keep rolling though.  Too much talent on New England’s side and Tony Romo will throw an interception or two.

Pats win.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Walt Perkins

Another Ryan-led defense invades Foxboro on Sunday. Rob Ryan is the defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys and like his twin, Jets head coach Rex, his diabolical schemes have given the Patriots offense trouble in the past.

The Patriots have scored 30 or more points in 13 straight regular season games. That streak started after a 34-14 loss in Cleveland last November. The defensive coordinator of the Browns last year? Rob Ryan.

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He totally confused Tom Brady and the Patriots offense by disguising, almost to perfection, just what he was throwing at New England.

Now, as the DC for the DC, Ryan has better athletes at his disposal. In linebacker DeMarcus Ware he has one of the best in the game. The Patriots offensive line better know where Ware is at all times or else Brady will be wearing Ware all afternoon.

The Patriots have been able to establish a good ground game the past two weeks and they will need to do so on Sunday against the Cowboys. Easier said than done under optimum conditions but BenJarvus Green-Ellis has been battling a toe injury and that will make life difficult for the home team if The Law Firm is hobbled. Rookie running back Stevan Ridley might have an increased work load. He had a good showing two weeks ago against Oakland, rushing for 97 yards on 10 carries. However, he was not as effective against the Jets last week.  If the Patriots can establish the running attack it opens up the play-action for Brady.

As for the Patriots defense, it did show improvement against the Jets last week and that improvement will need to continue against Dallas. The Cowboys have a better QB and better receivers than the Jets. This will be a true test for the secondary. A good pass rush would go a long ways to helping the DB’s against the Cowboy receivers.

The Cowboys come to town with a 2-2 record so they aren’t invincible and can be beaten. But the Patriots, who have already lost three starters on defense (lineman Mike Wright joining Myron Pryor and Jerod Mayo on the sidelines), will need their best game of the season to leave Foxboro with a win.

New England 27, Dallas 20

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Comments (12)
  1. bud meeks says:

    I am a die hard cowboy fan and still don’t understand why ego jones like romo…he is like danny white…they will NEVER go to the superbowl with this choker…he makes bad decisions that rookies make, and he does it every year…also, some of the play calling this year (even though its better than last) is suspect. i predict a 34-10 patriot victory with No. 83 eating the cowboy defense up.

  2. Rose Erb says:

    I yhink if bradt don’t get greedy we will win but if he does we will loose I think they matchyp as great game it going to hard to win but ithnk we will win go boston pats

  3. Rick says:

    NOT all Tony’s fault. Cmon people, the play calling is ridiculous and this you cannot deny. Tony is a great Quarterback and some of those interceptions were not his fault. True we fans have been disappointed with the losses we have experienced and want to get back to the Show, but if we don’t get better play calling from the Offensive Coordinator we are doomed to repeat our disappointments.

  4. Rick says:

    And here is another thought. Our defensive backs are a disappointment. Sorry you two back there, but what the heck are you guys doing??? If I were building a defensive team I would find guys to play safeties who are taller and quicker, guys who look and play like receivers. PLAY THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!! Either that or study film on Revis and Reed, these guys are elite players!!!!! Enough said.

  5. your maw says:

    I cant wait to come back after the game

    1. poo bear says:

      ok so maybe not as planned but best game so far

  6. Randy Redroad says:

    “The Cowboys are a team in key situations where unless they’re out to a big lead and they’re front runners, they never win. They won’t win.”

    That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all month. Their last 10- games were decided by six points or less and 9 of those games by three points or less. In Garrett’s short tenure, the Cowboys have exhibited toughness, fight and have come back against and gone blow to blow with everyone they’ve played, win or lose. Idiot.

  7. Geoffrey Roper says:

    I am from Dallas, but was born and raised in Philadelphia. For some odd reason though, I was always a Cowboys fan from the very beginning. So what I am about to say comes with a strong knowledge of the Cowboys, and with a heavy heart. I must admit I agree completely with Andy Gresh’s belief that this team simply has no heart. There is undoubtedly a good amount of talent, as many analysts have said so for the past three or four years. But if you really follow the Cowboys throughout their history, you can see clearly there is something missing that the great Dallas teams from the past had in spades … heart. The great teams of the past had a passion and drive that was second to none. Whether it was a chip on their shoulders from years of defeat as with the core of the 90’s teams, or a deep rooted competitiveness in certain players who then became vocal leaders both in the locker room and out on the field, and would not allow any teammate to give anything but his very best at all times. There is no real “leader” as defined here who can motivate this team to play with the greatest of passion and heart, and because of this I do not see this team as constructed winning any Superbowl games in the near or even distant future. We all hear the right things from Romo and others, but the words do not match the play. Until these players put winning and the want of greatness before money and fame, I see yet another decade of misery. Where is the man who will insist on putting priorities in order, who will get in the face of a teammate who is slacking or will demand the best from every single player? Where is the passion one sees in all the great NFL teams from the past? Where, my dear Cowboys fans, is the heart this team is most definitely lacking?

  8. Geoffrey Roper says:

    So what do we do? With way too much time left we call three conservative run plays as if we were trying to run out the clock, leaving Brady more than three minutes to run down the field. Brilliant. I knew it was over the minute we gave the ball back ,,,

  9. PETE says:

    Romo will always be a LOSER and so is Jason Garrett!!! He can’t call plays and just look at the Detroit game with a 27- 3 lead they could have just ran the ball and punted the rest of the game and Detroit would have never been able to come back. But dumb ASS Garrett let’s Romo throw and he throws 3 picks and two came back for a touchdoun. The third pic ended up with a Touchdown. Plus Romo has one of the weakest arms in the League. He is worse then Danny White and he was pretty bad. Jason Garrett is unqualified to be the Coach and the players don’t fear him. Jerry Jones should hire Jimmy Johnson and pay him whaever he wants and move stephen Magee to starting QB and Romo to second string. Kita sucks and how is he a second string QB with a weak ass arm and he can’t run. Cowboys are done!!!

  10. Hey friend, thank you for your post.
    I will post it on Facebook

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