By Meteorologist Joe Joyce

The Upper low over james Bay continues to wrap in seasonable dry and cool weather into the Northeast today with breezy WSW winds.  There are more clouds north with partial sunshine. In the south, sun filled skies all morning through the early afternoon before clouds begin to build & increase during the afternoon. Highs in the Lwr-mid 60’s.  Not as windy, but still an active wind which could still gust to 30 from time to time.

Clouds will be thickening tonight with a weak front/shortwave, which will push through with a few scattered showers or sprinkles overnight.  best chance of any showers will be farther inland. This front will quickly push offshore Monday with drying west winds behind it. Skies will be increasing with sunshine Monday with temps right back into the mid 60’s with breezy west winds.

Though the weak front pushes off shore, it will be stalled off the coast. This stationary front will become a warm front Tuesday as warmer air begins to shift back up the coast thanks to a developing trough along the east coast with SW winds aloft. Though this front may trigger an isolated shower as it pushes back north, it will mainly be the focus for increased clouds and warmer temps following in behind the front, especially in SE MA where temps could climb into the upper 60’s. On the cooler side of the front, more clouds and cooler temps in the Lwr 60’s.

We are watching the tropics off the coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula where tropical storm Rina may form today. It is looking more organized today. This will become absorbed by this digging trough on the east coast and be directed up the eastern seaboard as a moderate to possibly even major rainstorm.  As an upper low digs into the trough, a surface low will track up the coast through the Mid-Atlantic Wednesday and through upstate NY by Wednesday night. This will come with mild tropical air up the coast along with heavy downpours/thunder which could make for a quick 1-2+” rainfall. Some localized flooding could be possible with the passage of this low.

Drier and cooler air will be wrapping in behind the departing storm , but lingering showers are possible Thursday, especially across the north. Temps will be dropping into the 50’s with breezy NW winds with building high pressure heading into next weekend with increasing sunshine through the weekend.  Cooler air aloft will likely aid in stratocumulus with the daytime heating…into Saturday.

Comments (8)
  1. WeatherWizard says:

    Thank you Joe.
    Will you be giving us your winter 2011-2012 winter forecast?

  2. Italo says:

    We’ve seemed to be enjoying a pretty nice autumn around here overall. In particular, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed some really great cloud formations and beautiful sky visuals with them over the last few weeks.

  3. Matt Souza says:

    we have been averging 1 day of cloudy and shower conditions each week. If these storms/waves of low pressure twirl around for long periods of timei think we could be dealing with alot of clipper systems and cooler temps this winter.also when clipper systems form we will need to watch how far south they go. it could be like 2 years ago with near record amount of snow and ice for the mid atlantic. or they can dip down and then move across new england or move down and then travel up the coast. i think two general tracks will form for the witner and we are all ready seeing it start. with the storms tracking from the gulf as well small areas of rainshowers coming across from the great lakes.

  4. Matt Souza says:

    highs will be in the 50s through out the week with some areas seeing highs in the 40s by the end of the week. Lows will be decreasing as well with lows in the 30s in most areas north of the pike in the valleys and hills

    1. Matt Souza says:

      also the rain storm will be going up the east east coast and will dump up to 4 inches of rain which will probably lead to flooding.

  5. gigi says:

    This was a fabulous New England autumn weekend – although it signifies the impending winter cold and snow, I hope everyone stopped to appreciate the smell and colors that this season brings and not rush to think about whats to come – loved it!! ;-)

    1. Italo says:

      gigi, you are so right! Particularly in late September/October and late January/February, if we can get clear sunny days especially with almost no wind and calm conditions, it can be some of the most fabulous enjoying and walking weather that our area sees yearround.

  6. Timmy says:

    Last night was a beauty – phenominal sleeping weather. How mild was it last night? It was windy too, making it even better.

    Mild, windy nights are the best.

    But too bad winter is right around the corner. :(

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