BOSTON (CBS) – Standing at his locker Friday, Wes Welker said somethings that maybe he shouldn’t have. 

We all understand the love and allegiance of the Patriots fan base. Well, Welker told reporters he grew up Dallas Cowboys fan.

“I was definitely a big fan,” he relayed.

Nobodies perfect I guess.

As for Sunday’s game between the Patriots and Cowboys, Welker touched on the similarities between what the Patriots saw last week from Rex Ryan’s Jets defense and what he’s studied this week from Rob Ryan’s Cowboys defense.

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“I think they play a lot more coverage in a lot of situations than the Jets did. A little more zone,” Welker detailed. “They change it up quite a bit and do a good job of mixing it up on you. You have to be ready for everything.”

Bill’s Thoughts

On having Kevin Faulk around the team

“Nobody is better than Kevin. He’s outstanding – always on top of things, really helpful person to everybody, not just the other running backs but other guys on the team. Professionally, team preparation, individual techniques, and personally he’s a great friend to a lot of guys on the team. Involved with their families and things like that. He does things outside of here with his teammates and so forth. I think everybody loves Kevin and has a lot of respect for him as a person and certainly as a player. The way he plays the game, how unselfishly he plays it and how prepared he is and how dependable he’s been for us through the years. It’s great to have him and we’ll see how that role develops going forward. I’m glad he’s here and he’s definitely contributed this year even though he hasn’t been active on the field. Just in terms of the locker room and his presence has been a very positive thing for us.”

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On the progress of rookie running back Shane Vereen

“Good. Shane is a smart guy, works hard. He’s been able to participate now for several weeks here. He’s been able to make some improvement, string some practices and reps together, both on the scout team and running some plays on our offense. It’s been good for him. He’s getting better every week. Has a better understanding offensively and in the kicking game. He’s able to, like I said, get some reps at it and execute it, gain some confidence and some timing. I think he’s definitely headed in the right direction.”

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On the idea that the Cowboys Blue jerseys are a “jinx

“Red jerseys, blue jerseys, we had the silver ones. Whatever they put out there, that’s what we wear,” he said. “…I think whatever team plays well, I think that team has a big advantage. I wish that’s all there was to it – wear striped shoelaces or wear white ones or wear black ones. There’s a lot more to it than that.”

On Dallas’ wide receiver combo of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin

“They’re both very good. They’re different receivers but both big play receivers. They’re both good after the catch. Obviously Dez had the punt returns last year and strong with the ball in his hands. Same thing with Miles – the reverses, the catch-and-run plays that he has. He’s a very, very difficult guy to tackle. Good speed, they’re both strong. It’s just another weapon out there for the quarterback along with [Jason] Witten and the other receivers and the running backs and the multiple tight ends they have, fullbacks. They just have a lot of good players out there. They complement each other because there’s so many of them.”

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