The Bruins have played 4 games so far this season and have only been able to walk away with the win once. Toucher & Rich spoke with Joe Haggerty about what going on with this team.

Shawn Thornton told T&R this week that he thinks the team’s power play looks better this season. Right now the power play is only 1 for 18, does Haggerty agree with Thornton?

“A little bit, I mean it’s 1 for 18 so how good could it look? I think it does look better only that they are moving the puck a little bit better. I think they are getting some better chances, but I’m talking about this with Dennis Seidenberg yesterday it’s like who the hell cares if it looks better if it’s only 1 for 18,” Haggerty said.

They also talked about why Haggerty thinks that Tyler Seguin and Brad Marchand are 2 of the best players the Bruins have right now. They also discussed the motivation level of some of the guys on this team.

Milan Lucic has been in position, but has struggled to find the back of the net so far. Is it just a case of being unlucky or is he just lacking something right now? All this and more with Joe Haggerty.


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