Well I made two requests in my last posting……..”Republicans, get it together” and “Wall Street protestors, bring it on.”   Speaking of the latter, I think the protestors did “bring it on.”    The only problem is….they don’t know what “it” is.   Yes I know, people such as B.H.O. and “The Birdbrain of Alcatraz”, Nancy Pelosi (she lives within sight of Alcatraz) think they know what “it” is and they’re voicing support for this clueless group of mostly unwashed, but from what I’m hearing and reading, this whole uprising probably doesn’t have legs on a national scale.    Oh for sure, there will be a certain element in New York City who will be demonstrating there for days, weeks and probably months….for a couple of reasons:  First….start a movement in NYC to sell five pounds of poop in three-pound bags and you’ll instantly have a following.  Second, the knucklehead New Yorkers have for Mayor, who by the way tried to eliminate smoking and thus eliminate cigarette butts in Central Park, is telling these misfits they can stay as long as they want, sleeping in their own filth, creating a health hazard for blocks around.   Pray for an early freeze….”it” will soon end.

    Briefly to the Republicans, the debate the other night was perfect…and a clear indication the GOP is gettin’  it together.   Bachman…. done.  Huntsman…done.   Santorum..maybe later Rick.  Paul…done.   Newt….damn it pains me to say it because, as I’ve said many times, he’s the brightest one there.  He knows more about what makes this country tick than all the others combined….but, a V.P. possible at best.   Rick Perry; a shame you couldn’t show up at the debate the other night…..DONE.    Herman Cain……gotta love this guy….he’s keeping things exciting and I hope he stays in to the bitter end.   He’s going to be a key player next year for sure, but Cain, your 9-9-9 idea is never……yes I said Never…..going to pass muster.   $9.99 for a pizza… maybe…..but 9-9-9 to replace our tax system as we know it?   NEVER!!!    Finally…..Mitt Romney.    He’s still got to sell me on his bigger picture qualifications and ability to become President of the United States…..but at that debate the other night, he totally dominated.   He was locked and loaded for every issue that was brought up, he was articulate, dominating all others present, and as of this date (10/13/11) he is the Republican Presidential nominee.

  1. JohnC says:

    I’m not sure about Mitt either, but he is the only Republican in the fray who has any chance of beating BO. My fear is that the religious right who control the GOP, will nominate someone so far to the right that our current President will be reelected.

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