The Patriots hosted the Jets last week and were able to send them home with a loss. This Sunday the Pats welcome Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys to Foxboro.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski spoke with Toucher & Rich about his brother Dan returning to the team, building his brand, the Jets and Aaron Hernandez.

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The Patriots signed Rob’s brother Dan on September 7th, but was released on September 23rd after only the first two weeks of the season. On Monday night the Patriots re-signed the tight end. Did Rob think that the Pats would re-sign his brother?

The guys also asked Rob about comment made by linebacker Dane Fletcher where he said that Gronk was “smarter than he looks.” What did Rob have to say about the comment?

They also discussed the game against the Jets this past Sunday. How much different is it playing the other teams in that Rex Ryan seems to bring out so many different looks against the Pats defensively?

“Every time we play the Jets that’s how the defense always is, he’s always rolling guys in and out, he’s always got zone defenses, man defenses all ready for us switching it up every play. So that’s what we had to prepare for and I think we did a great job last week preparing for it,” Gronkowski said.

They also talked about fellow tight end Aaron Hernandez returning from injury. Since these two guys are both so good, is there ever friendly competition between them?

All this and more with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.


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