BOSTON (CBS) – The sponsor of the bill that includes a provision to restore “happy hour” to bars across Massachusetts is facing criticism because he’s the part-owner of a restaurant that may benefit from the new law.

Democrat Steve May, who is challenging Republican Robert Hedlund of Weymouth for his State Senate seat, said Hedlund is in a conflict of interest by sponsoring the bill because he is part-owner of a restaurant and bar in Braintree.

Hedlund said May just doesn’t get it.

“But the fact is, we got a full-time legislature here dominated by lawyers. We don’t have diversity here. We don’t have enough small business people that know what it’s like to create jobs. My opponent’s never been in the private sector in his entire life, so he wouldn’t understand these things,” said Hedlund.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports.

Hedlund said he disclosed his ownership in the bar to the proper people and on the floor of the Senate when he introduced his bill, addressing the potential conflict head-on at the outset.

Comments (3)
  1. Mark says:

    So tell me what else is new here? This is just business as usual on Beacon Hill from proposing the law to opposing it. Both people involved want something.

  2. Middleboro Remembers says:

    How about Senator Petrucelli who accepted a charitable donation from Richard Field and would stick taxpayers with the $500 million tab to upgrade the infrastructure surrounding Suffolk Downs?

    And Mayor Menino?

    Beacon Hill arrogance knows no Party and in fairness, how about reporting it all.

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