NORFOLK (CBS) – Police are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty in Norfolk.

Animal Control says Logan the cat was intentionally shot somewhere in Norfolk.

The cat is alive and in stable condition, but now needs extensive amputation surgery. X-Rays show fragments of bullets which shattered his leg in three places.

WBZ-TV’s Jonathan Elias reports

Police are putting together a reward and looking for anyone with information in the case.

Judith Agopovich, the cat’s owner, is struggling to come up with the $2,000 for surgery.

She has set up a fund for anyone wanting to help at the Middlesex Savings Bank in Millis.

Comments (8)
  1. Lisa Mula says:

    what is the address to send a contribution for Logan to save his leg . I know that costs more but maybe it can be raised. I would like to send a contribution for Logan.

  2. PB87 says:

    Stop letting your cats roam free. Problem solved.

  3. N.A. Smith says:

    Stop shooting cats. Problem solved.

  4. Nosgood4me says:

    No keep your domesticated animals indoors !

    If you love your animal’s and want to keep it.. it won’t get stolen , hit by a car , decimate wild birds , get into territorial brawls and come home wounded , or now the other way around cats and small dogs are now the hunted.. Fisher cats ,coyote and even Large red tailed hawks are capable of taking pets !
    Now with deer ticks becoming more of a problem and feral cat problems. shooting a cat though infuriating. is Not as cruel as the cats getting smacked by a car.

    Don’t give me a cat NEEDS to be outdoors… they don’t. Cats adjust fine not being let out of your house Keep them indoors . less you have a farm and a mouse problem cats should stay inside.. if you say you love them then you have no issue keeping inside if you can’t keep them inside then you should not have pets ..( don’t let them out )

    1. dragonet2 says:

      Amen. My cats live indoors. It helps that I have a giant victorian house (four cats only though, our rule) so they have plenty of room to get around, explore, look out windows and I’m thinking about trying to install a rooftop ‘lookout room’ on top of the sun porch (screened so they don’t get heartworm from mosquitos).

  5. Aco Cohen says:

    The address To send donations to is

    “Logan’s Care Fund”
    Middlesex Savings Bank
    36A Milliston Road
    Millis, MA 02054

  6. Debbie DeMarco says:

    I created a Facebook page after speaking with Susan at the Main St. branch. Please “like” it to help support Logan the Cat.

  7. lisa says:

    what has happened to Logan?

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