The NBA lockout is still in full swing, but with the NFL, MLB Playoffs and the NHL starting up people just are not paying attention to it. Gary Washburn spoke with Toucher & Rich about what the latest news is, do fans care and what are some players doing?

NBA Commissioner David Stern canceled the first two weeks of the regular season on Monday. What is going on between the two sides?

“Right now nothing. The union will go back and talk to it’s representatives on Friday, kind of float the deal that was given to them and say basically this is why we didn’t take it and this is why we need to stick together,” Washburn said.

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With all that’s going on in the sports world, do fans really seem to care about what’s going on with the NBA? They also went on to discuss what would happen in the union decides to decertify. What would happen if individual players decided to take up lawsuits against the league like Tom Brady and others did during the NFL lockout over the summer.

“If you have these individual lawsuits individual players are going to have to sue the league. Those players will never work in the league again when their career is over, Stern has too long of a memory,” Washburn said.

They also talked about what some players are doing for work during the lockout like Delonte West apparently working for a moving company. They also talked about the best players to follow who might just start spouting off about what’s going on.

All this and more with Gary Washburn.


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