Police Arrest 141 ‘Occupy Boston’ Protesters

BOSTON (CBS) – The relatively peaceful ‘Occupy Boston’ protests took an ugly turn early Tuesday morning.

Boston Police say they arrested 141 people after demonstrators left their base camp and occupied an area of the Rose Kennedy Greenway that was off-limits.

Police said they communicated to the protesters to vacate the second camp by Twitter, flyers and in person.

Photos: Occupy Boston Arrests

Part of the incident was recorded by protesters who put their video on YouTube.

arrests Police Arrest 141 ‘Occupy Boston’ Protesters

One of the dozens of people arrested Tuesday morning.

Protesters were previously told they could gather without a permit, as long as they stayed within the confines of Dewey Square.

“This is a brand new area that the Greenway put a lot of resources into and they filled it up with all kinds of tables and tents and were making it a place to camp out. It’s not what it’s intent is,” Superintendent-in-chief Daniel Linskey told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“This is the first day the communication broke down between the protesters and the police,” Police Commissioner Ed Davis told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“The people who we had been speaking to for ten days make it clear that there were a group of anarchists that were uncontrollable that had taken charge. So, when they decide they’re going to shut down large sections of the city or go into areas that we’ve said are off-limits, we have to deal with them accordingly.”

Philip Anderson of Occupy Boston told WBZ-TV that’s not what happened.

“If that were true why were over 100 people arrested by the Boston Police Department?” he asked.

Read: Menino Disputes Police Brutality Claims

“Boston police beat union workers, beat students, beat veterans holding the American flag,” says Anderson. “And we just find that an unacceptable response to a demonstration that we were holding.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones spoke to a veteran who was arrested.

Anderson said the relationship with police started well but “apparently we crossed a line in the sand that Boston Police had put down and our relationship did change last night. Their response was deplorable. It was violent. People were injured. People were denied medication. Hundreds of people were arrested and our relationship has changed. We’re not really sure where it’s going to go.”

In a statement Tuesday, Boston Police said:

“Although our officers faced active resistance from protesters including being spit on, our officers maintained a respectful, professional and proportional posture. If any individual experienced a concern about their interaction with an officer that individual is encourage to come forward and report that information to the department. At this time, we have not received any such complaints.”

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports

WBZ-TV’s Christina Hager reports

Those arrested were charged with unlawful assembly and criminal trespassing. The protesters were going tent-to-tent to collect bail money for the arrested. They had raised about $4,000 by sunrise.

WBZ-TV Political Editor Jon Keller looks at possible political repercussions from the movement

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney, most of those arrested had no prior records and had their misdemeanor trespassing charges amended to civil infractions at prosecutors’ request.

A small number insisted on proceeding criminally. Another small number had criminal records, and they were arraigned with court dates in December.

Some lawyers have volunteered their services to represent protesters at Boston Municipal Court.

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    […] The protesters continue to gather support, with sympathy demonstrations underway across the country and some unions joining their rallies. Some 100 people taking part in the “Occupy Boston” march were arrested early Tuesday. […]

  • Watchdog1

    Linskey and David are making Boston look like bad 3rd world dictatorships. we have our young men and woman fighting for “Freedom” Yet we can’t hold assemblies in our city because they aren’t in the proper area to protest corporate geed? The same corporate greed that nearly bankrupted a nation. Now mass protests-showing disgust are further being fueled by arrests of protesters/ Officials are acting like thugs. This is a slap in the face of everyone in uniform “fighting for freedom ” elsewhere while we loose it at home.

    • blackbear1

      Watchdog you need to be protesting in front of the White House in DC . If you have listened or read you who see and hear that you do not have one clear message. It is a mix and medley of messages. You also need to go home to shave and shower as well as to clean up the litter.

      • Kimmy

        People need some directions, and right now no one has any solid direction. We need answers to help this country/economy.



    • b.mclane

      You are being played, fool. Obama and his gang of thugs backed by Geo. Soros money have planned riots in this country all along. Van Jones has declared it for 2 years!! Why do you think Obama doesn’t care about his own disapproval ratings?? You are just step one of his “useful idiots” plan. Tarp, Bush’s Plan, was a success. That money was paid back with interest. Obama and the DEMS are who bailed WALL STREET out in the Stimulus. He has taken more WALL STEET money than any other President. Your too uneducated to know what really is going on.

      • kp

        you lack too many facts to call another person “uneducated”, troll.

      • kp

        you lack too many facts to call another person “uneducated”, troll.

    • JTHeron

      The nation is being bankrupted by tax leeches and welfare slugs who pay no taxes ( like hard working americans who often work for the ‘evil corporations’ ) and keep asking for “more more more”.

      Brainwashed lemmings who think they are entitled to freebies and are being led by the hose to direct their anger at the very source of all of the goodies they enjoy – iPods, cell phones, computers, cars, all of these things created by corporations and the people who took the risk to start them.

    • patmurphy1965

      If they want my support and the support of middle America i.e., the working class, they need to focus their efforts on the source of the problem; that would be Washington DC. To this point they have the support of Chaves, Castro, Ahmadinejad, Unions, Pelosi and Obama… Not an impressive list.

    • jack farrell

      go get a job,dirt bag,,,your too stupid to live free,,,,

  • blackbear1

    Time for these people to go back to work(?) or school(?). Are these the same anarchists that were in Vancouver?

    • BH

      Time for these people to get a life. Enough is enough already.

      • Bob

        SSShhhh little lamb go back to sleep and do as your told !

      • Barry's CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425 FAILS E-VERIFY

  • Mshor

    They do have a purpose. Change. Things aren’t right and if people would stop and pay attention for a minute you would take notice too. If things keep going the way they are, we are going to be a third world nation. The people in power don’t mind because they are sitting pretty. There are too many working poor. There are too many unemployed- unemployed because greedy executives want cheaper labor, so they can pocket more. Too many getting laid off while millionaire CEO’s get huge bonuses- enough money that could have employed 3 or 4 people for a year.

    It’s an unbalanced system right now due to policy changes brought about by expensive lobbying and politician pay-offs.

    These people are the people who are affected by all of this and they are choosing to stand up and do something about it, instead of bending over and take whatever is given. They should be given nothing but respect.

    • Ryan

      First off, we already are by definition a third-world country. We import far more than we export.
      The greedy executives wanting cheaper labor is a fact of human nature, every human by nature is greedy. You alone are showing your greed by demanding the executives give you more without you doing anymore to work for it. Its called capitalism, without greed there would be no progress and there would be no society.
      While that is true, I do support the protesters for wanting change, however you are all barking up the wrong tree. Keep protesting against the business execs and institutions that you are protesting against, and you will NEVER see a change, other than more unemployment, and more decline in our economy. The people that need to have themselves protested against are the politicians and the Federal Reserve. We need to remove the government from our economy, and let it flourish under a true capitalist and free market, and then and ONLY then will we ever see a change and a recovery. Instead of letting Obama and his cronies continue to keep the status quo alive that has been running since the “Roaring 20’s”, we should fight and remove them from office. Put in people that are against the status quo and want to change the system for the better.
      If you think we are bad off now, just wait until our market does actually collapse, and we become nothing. We are moving fast in that direction, and all you “99%” want to do is sit around demand more free stuff without working for it. I am proud to call myself, not a member of the 1%’er’s (because I am not rich, not even close), and definitely not a member of the 99%’er’s (because I am not joining the bandwagon and protesting the puppets, instead of the puppet master). I am the anomaly, and will continue to fight the good fight and remove the government from our lives, that is the only true way to recovery and freedom!

      • EddieD_Dedham

        Have you EVER heard a CEO claim they move manufacturing overseas b/c of wages? Never heard it have you? So where do you get your information?
        If you actually had the ability to think you’d maybe get some more info b/f you spew your foolishness.

        I heard a CEO of a high tech company state they go overseas to manufacture b/c of lower taxes and much less regulation.

        If you want ot find out who’s killing jobs find out who wants to raise taxes and increase regulations. Oh that’s right, democrats.

      • Mike Hinson

        (every human by nature is greedy)- but only some for money
        (asking for executives to give you more)- “the executives” have been taking trillions from the public treasury via bailout and enriching their own pockets by cutting wages. who here is taking money they did not earn?
        (i am the anomaly) you are an average joe repeating things that originated in rightwing thinktanks.

        you are part of the 99%. come and join us and let your voice be heard.

    • Hans Gunter

      Free Market succeeds, everything else fails. Regulation is slow failure. Look at Barry’s policies. Slow death. The greedy are these punks that want to take things that are not there own and have not worked a day in their life. People who work make money, bums that hang out on street’s do not.

    • patmurphy1965

      Much of what you said can be blamed on union.

    • jack farrell

      change your clothes,,,you stink,,,your a bunch of spoiled nit wits,,,living in your parents cellar,,,demanding strangers care more about your pathetic lives than you care yourselves,,,too stupid too live free,,,,get a job,,people are tired of your babbling on about nothing,,,,incoherent fools

    • Dennis D

      Its easy to blame ” greedy” executives while you drink an Evian water and drive a Subaru. Executives are capitalists and they will make products in America if you are willing to pay the price. But you aren’t. So go drive your Hyundai and be quiet.

    • fred shaw

      Life isn’t fair. There are will always be the haves and the have nots. What we have created is a generation of people who think they are entitled to education, jobs, health care without the benefit of hard work. Everyone gets a cupcake, a trophy, we don’t keep score no one loses….it’s a charade!

    • Steve Roberts

      Too many working poor? I agree. So do you oppose the Dems and their various schemes for amnesty and avoid enforcing immigration laws? This is causing far more damage to wages than anything any evil capitalist could even imagine..

  • J

    Anarchists, communists and unions, oh my. At least it’s easy to see which politicians are traitors to the Constitution. These politicians need to be dealt with in the 2012 election. The laughable losers walking hand in hand with other anti-Americans are a disgrace. Compare these ignorant, lazy fools with the WWII generation and see how far we’ve fallen.

  • Dennis D

    This is clear evidence that Obama’s hopey changey stuff was nonsense. These are the fools who voted for him in the 1st place. I see this as a huge apology from them to America,

    • Expect US

      and where’s the apology from someone on your behalf for your uneducated half-wit statements?

      • Teddy

        @ Expect Us….You are not educated ! You are indoctrinated!

  • Krys

    They should pay for any city costs for police overtime etc – that would be their FAIR SHARE — and there should be no occupation — have a march with a permit and then go home….this is BS Kudos to the boston police (who Obama probably thinks act stupidly) I wish NYC would do something instead of paying OT Just hope that when these people are arrested they pay a big fine or jail time !!! No wrist slaps!

  • Duaine Folie

    They did not arrest protesters they arrested individuals who were breaking the law. They are allowed to protest but as with everything in life there are limits. That is what makes us a civilized society.

    If we were to equally distribute all of the America’s wealth to every man, woman and child how long would it take before we have the same financial inequalities we have today. The lazy will spend what they have and expect more. The hard-working will invest and create more wealth for themselves. So In order to avoid this situation we need to pass a law that every 10 years all wealth must be equally redistributed just to please the liberals.

    I never thought I would see a day when hard work would be considered to be a negative factor in society!

    • Enough

      You are so correct! Why work hard when you can just get handouts? Line up the wealthy and have them hand over cash to all those who line up. There was a post on here about the entitled generation – this is it! No scores in sports so no one feels unspecial, no harsh grades like F so no one feels bad, jobs handed to them where they don’t have to actually work or be on time and no college debt for the precious ones, mommy and daddy always nearby to bail them out of anything….. yes, the politics in this country are a mess and this administration is ruining this country. But to blame people who were wise enough to work hard and invest and save? Yes, there are bad rich people, but there are far more bad people standing in line for free handouts who don’t want to work hard. And how about doing something about all the illegals here taking jobs and lowering the wage scale? Oh no, we don’t want to offend anyone – we’ll only offend rich people. I am not rich, I work darn hard for everything I have and I don’t have anything I can’t afford.

  • dms

    These people are a bunch of morons that apparently have no responsibilities in life and/or no families to take care of. They have been yelling insults at people on their way to work for trying to make an honest leaving. Completely useless and most of them don’t even know why they’re there. All I hear in interviews is “I’m one of the 99%”. If that’s all you have to say, don’t waste the taxpayers’ money. Go home.

  • Rico

    This is a George Soros Production. “Organizing for Odumbo”.

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  • DigitalBob

    I hope the cameras are rolling when the cops start thumping skulls.

  • Mark

    “The people who we had been speaking to for ten days make it clear that there were a group of anarchists that were uncontrollable that had taken charge.”…ROTFLOL…by defiinition this would include the whole group. The problem with this group is that they fail to take accountability. “It’s not my fault part of the group is breaking the law” “It’s not my fault I got my GED instead of an MA and have a low paying job-or no job at all”…etc….

  • Kevin

    Welcome to the real world in Mass. If you are a protester, you can yell, scream, disrupt the commute and do tens of thousands of dollars in dammage. If you are a union goon, you can cut fiber, spit on people, key cars, scare old ladies and yell obsenities at young woman.
    If you trample the Kennedy’s rose bushes, you go to jail.

    • Krys

      That was good! yes it seems the average citizen cannot do anything but leftist mobs can do anything. You can’t smoke in a park in NYC but you can do theft, drugs, destruction, open sex etc as long as you are part of a leftist mob

  • Mark

    BTW….stop using this 99% erroneously. I’m not part of the 1% but I’m certainly not part of this group of anarchists.

  • Mark

    These thugs would go away if the media would stop covering them….

    • Bob

      And the world would be in even more of a worse state with more whiney sheep like you. Go back to sleep watch your sports and don’t complain about anything to do with politics and the economy.

      • Marot

        Are they protesting that President Obama spent 55k per week renting his vaca home in Marthas’ Vineyard? Or the first ladies Euro rek 75k per day?

  • Katny

    The Mayor needs to enforce the laws. They have no permits to be on the Greenway. Move them out. We the taxpayers are providing them with free electricity. They are interferring with the flow of traffic. Rush hour commuting is a nightmare. They have a right to protest we have the right to be able to commute without interference from a group who don’t even vote. That’s where they will be heard. The City doesn’t allow the homeless to sleep on the Greenway. TELL THEM TO GO HOME. STOP GIVING THEM MEDIA COVERAGE.

    • Mike Hinson

      (that is where they will be heard) They will NOT be heard when they vote, because both political parties and all three branches of government have been bought out by the financial elite currently extracting trillions from our economy. That is why they are out there protesting.

      • Eh2Zed

        Tell that to the Tea Party. 2010 shows the power of grass roots. Largest turnover in 87 years.

  • Bob

    After looking at the majority of the rightwing lazy idots posting on this page i see there is no hope for your country. Go back to sleep turn the sports channel up , continue to be afraid of everything , cling to you guns and ignore what is staring you in the face. Your the laughing stock of the whole world , your so brain washed by you corporate media you actually think what they say is the truth. I pity the children who have to be brought up in you empire of bs.
    Do you even know what an empire is ? Hell i bet most of you are so stupid you think terrorists hate you for your freedom ? not they hate you for your foriegn policy , not that hardly any americans even know what that is.

    Laters sheeple ,

    • J.R.

      Hey Bob, thanks for your most valuable input. Now stop worrying about our country and take care of whatever utopia you crawled out from. K, pumpkin.

      • littleleers

        J.R. Americans plan to put our house in order come Nov. 2012 when we oust the Marxist-in-Chief. There will be an amazingly quick turnaround in the economy as soon as this fraud is ousted from the WH.

      • littleleers

        Sorry, J.R., my reply comment was directed to Bob, not you.

      • Bob

        You’ll forgive me if i don’t hold my breath. Given the shambles of the last few elections i find i most amusing you think you actually get a say as to who wins. You had that moron of a man bush in twice, if he was in in europe we wouldn’t trust him with a plastic knife.So based on your past performance i won’t hold out for anything special.

        Although I do sincerely wish you all the luck in the world though , you’ll need it .

        P.S Obama is lying fraud !

      • Bob

        I wish it was that easy but because you lot still keep expanding your empire and turning the rest of the world against the west it does effect my country (UK). You’ve put yourselves at the center of everything so now your gonna take the flak. The truth can hurt sometimes but its for your own good . Time to wake up america and put your house in order

  • J.R.

    It was only a matter of time before it turned ugly. These idiots have no idea what they are protesting against. Simply a hodge-podge group of left-leaning followers with a predictably socialist agenda.

  • UncleClayton

    I did more than protest .. I quit my job to make Obama look bad, and to protest joblessness.

  • vvv

    I think their message is pretty clear. They are sick of the inequality in wealth in this country. Sick of struggling. The fact that everyone in the middle and lower class is not behind them is just proving how ridiculous this country is.

    • Steve Roberts

      I am in the middle class and I don not support the OWS mob. The past few years have been rough but all things considered I have survived Hope and Change pretty good so far. But then, I have never run up debt I could not pay (like so many of the protesters) and have a degree in engineering, not Womyn Studies or Communication (like so many of the protesters) so maybe that makes me one of the 1%

      • vvv

        Tsal summed up everything I could have said beautifully. The way this country is heading is very scary, and I think people from all walks of life should be worried. It cannot continue if the middle class has no voice, and continues to be controlled by the wealth in this country, that is only held by 1% of the population.

      • tsal

        or maybe that makes you lucky – so far. I’m middle class also and we have done all right. Do I for a minute think we will continue to do well – not if this continues and I believe that will be the case for the majority of middle class citizens who have managed to hold on.

        If you support 80% of income going to the top 1% and corporate greed and corruption and government as well as the politicians you have elected pandering to the wealth and lobbyists and special interest groups, I can clearly see why you do not approve of the Occupy group. Chances are you would not have approved of the revolution either – you know the one where we ended up as the United States of America.

        These people did nothing wrong – and that is coming from someone who has the highest regard for the police. However, the police are sent to do what they did by the politicians – democrats and republicans – who don’t want the voices of the middle class every day American people heard. The arrests were for trespassing, etc., on public land.

    • Marot

      Pres. Bill Clinton pushed NAFTA Free Trade on behalf of Corp. America=45,000 factories booking to China. Nice job Bill American Blue collar workers now part of 26 million unemployed 22% US workorce and a looming depression…

  • http://thecryptojournalist.wordpress.com The Cryptojournalist

    Protesters going somewhere they’re not allowed? Trespassing


    More of these stories will only build further support for this movement

  • IronManCC

    It’s about time some action was taken! They had the Right to Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly; but they did NOT have the Right to occupy property, trespass, break any laws, or trample the Rights of others. Congrats to the law enforcement officers & officials for doing an outstanding job in a dignified manner. Those folks were given the option to leave of their own accord, and they chose to break the law and be arrested.

    • tsal

      IronMan – I assume you would not have supported the Tea Party movement – or any other part of the founding of our country. I’m thankful for people like Sam Adams and those who marched for equality and who fought for women’s rights – just to name a few It’s what our country is founded on – or would you rather still belong to England?

  • Jim

    So in one fell swoop police arrest 129 more protesters in one day in one location than in all of the Tea Party protests combined. Great job libbies, you’re a fine example, and a credit to your president.

  • http://boston.cbslocal.com/2011/10/11/menino-disputes-police-brutality-claims-in-occupy-boston-arrests/ Menino Disputes Police Brutality Claims In ‘Occupy Boston’ Arrests « CBS Boston

    […] 129 people were arrested early Tuesday morning after demonstrators moved to an area police said was off-limits – a section of the Rose Kennedy Greenway near their camp in Dewey Square. […]

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