BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Globe is defending its decision to publish the identity of the tipster in the Whitey Bulger case.

Globe reporter Maria Cramer insists the decision to identify Anna Bjorn as the one who dropped a dime on Bulger and his girlfriend Catherine Greig, wasn’t made lightly.

“In order to write a credible story that would basically detail this life on the run, and also how he was caught, we had to identify her,” says Cramer.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mike Macklin reports

Through months of research, Cramer and her partner, Shelley Murphy learned that the former Miss Iceland was the one who turned in Bulger and Greig. It was also learned that the fugitives themselves knew it was Bjorn who turned them in.

Cramer says the FBI and Justice Department were given ample warning that Bjorn’s name would be published. Neither agency raised any concern for the woman’s safety or for the future of their tipster programs.

Anna Bjorn had been splitting her time between Iceland and the Santa Monica neighborhood where Bulger was living with girlfriend Catherine Greig.

Bjorns knew Bulger and Greig as Carol and Charlie Gasko. She was at home in Iceland in June when she saw a PSA featuring the couple.

“She was watching CNN, saw their photos flash across the screen and immediately recognized them as the Gaskos and called the FBI,” said Shelley Murphy.

Comments (7)
  1. adarc says:

    No they didn’t have to identify her. They put this woman’s life at risk for the sake of their headline. They have certainly pointed out why it is so hard to get anyone to drop a dime on these types of criminals.

  2. Sam says:

    Another “Need to sell more paer’s” piece of junk by a piece of junk paper.

  3. bobo says:

    Let me guess… read the Herald?

  4. a regular Joe says:

    Common sense would dictate that she acted in good faith; with the promise (from law enforcement) of anonymity. Advertising this woman’s identity is an incredible breach of trust. Anyone (ie: FBI, Globe editors/reporter(s)/management/ownership) revealing this woman’s identity should be held accountable and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And… if there is no law against their actions, then there should be. Lets hope a legal firm with some guts makes both the FBI and all those at the Globe accountable. Her days could be numbered because of them… This deals a signifiucant blow to the notion of John Q. Public stepping forward to assist law enforcement! What a joke!

  5. Disgusted says:

    Just one more reason to cancel your Globe subscription. With reporters like this we may as well be reading The Herald. Maria Cramer must have gone to the Howie Carr School of Journalism.

  6. Disgusted-Too says:

    Agreed with above. They should never have released her name. I find it incredibly hard to believe the FBI would have released her name. People (esp peope in MA) know how dangerous Bulger is. Not just he himself, but the amount of people he knows. How do you think it’s been so easy for him to remain free all these years. By releasing her name the reported put her life and the lives of her family in danger. They may end up being fine, but that’s not a gamble I would want on my concience. Don’t be mistaken people, this isn’t blown out of proportion, made to look like the movies. This is a real life mobster with real life murders under his belt. Shame on the Globe for doing this. You’ve now lost another reader.

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