BenJarvus Green-Ellis had a stellar game on Sunday against the Jets as he rushed for a career-high 136 yards and two touchdowns in a 30-21 win. The Patriots defense had a good game as well allowing the Jets only 255 yards, which was a season low for this defense.

Former Patriot Rosevelt Colvin joined Toucher & Rich to talk about the Pats win, Green-Ellis’ big day and the Patriots defense.

After the Jets fell to the Ravens last week Rex Ryan said that the Jets would go with more of a ground and pound game against New England. Were the Jets unwilling to take what the Patriots were giving them and being so insistent on running the ball?

“I don’t know how much we can really take out of this victory because the Jets have really struggled over the last 3 or 4 games that I don’t think they’re the same team they were last year,” Colvin said.

The Patriots defense played their first full game without Jerod Mayo and had success despite his absence. What did the Pats do to stop the run game?

“I think it was probably less involved then it was in weeks past, but Gary Guyton has been there for a couple years he’s the person that filled in I think the majority of the time for him as I was watching. I still think they have some issues, you’re still not creating a lot of pressure when it comes to getting to the quarterback,” said Colvin.

They also talked about Green-Ellis career-high game Sunday and the fact that he’s scored 18 touchdowns since the beginning of last season, the most in the NFL. What does Colvin think of the running back?

“The young man runs hard. I think that’s what Bill and coach Ivan Fears, the running back coach, saw in him from a running standpoint was that he runs hard and he’s not a guy who turns the ball over a lot. So key word dependable, he’s going to go out there and do it,” the former Patriots said.

They also discussed Mark Sanchez’s performance and if he’ll be considered a serious quarterback?

All this and so much more with good friend Rosevelt Colvin.


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