BOSTON (CBS) – I was in the San Francisco area all last week on business, and it turned out to be a very interesting place to be to observe the so-called “Occupy” movement and the local reaction to it.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

Few cities have more experience with street protests than San Francisco, and the place has a well-deserved reputation as a breeding ground for all sorts of cultural and political changes that soon make their way across the rest of the country.

It is also the home turf of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was saying yesterday that – despite her contempt for the last populist movement to make waves, the Tea Party – she “supports the message to the establishment, whether it’s Wall Street or the political establishment…that change has to happen. We cannot continue in a way…that is not relevant to their lives.”

But if Pelosi thinks the protestors are her allies in change, she’s dreaming.

First of all, she’s one of the “super-rich” the Occupy protestors – along with quite a few of the rest of us – are so disgusted with.

She lives in a luxury home with a spectacular Bay view that 99.9% of us could never dream of living in.

And strolling around a city like San Francisco that is teeming with homeless people just serves as a reminder that Pelosi and other Democrats who enabled Fannie, Freddie and the mortgage-fraud industry share the hall of shame with the Republicans who enabled Wall Street’s greed-crazed frenzy.

The Occupy San Francisco protest is confined to the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve there, and it didn’t seem to making many waves.

Folks I met were far more interested in seeing the Blue Angels air show over the Bay, or talking about the death of Steve Jobs, a super-rich capitalist they all seemed to admire.

Nancy Pelosi can try to snuggle up to these protests if she wants.

But she may find she’s every bit as unwelcome a presence in their lives as the Republicans she so detests.

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Comments (23)
  1. blackbear1 says:

    Guess what? Republicans equally despise this politically and media enabled “wicked Witch of the West”

  2. JohnC says:

    I simply don’t understand exactly what it is that these “protesters” want.

    1. mikey says:

      Perhaps it’s because Obama’s “hope and change” continues to rot on the vine as 54% of those between the ages of 16-29 are jobless. Then factor in that the Republicans are also “lost in space” about what to do about growing the economy along with Obama, put it all together it then = protest.

    2. mikey says:

      To answer your question, I expect that these protesters want jobs and a functioning government.

      1. The Owl says:

        No. I expect that they are angry that they mortgaged future for tens of thousands of dollars from parents and an education system that have lost sight of fact that their role is to train children/students for life as a grown-up.

        I would be upset, too.

        However, until they begin to realize their roles in the tragedies, they will continue to be both bitter, unemployed, and unemployable.

      2. tsal says:

        Darn these rabble rousers for not understanding that the majority of money should go to an elite few and that corporations should hoard trillions rather than create jobs or invest and that the politicians should represent them and not the special interest groups/lobbyists. Hopefully, they will learn their place in society when they grow up.

    3. beaches says:

      Maybe to stop some of these outrageous pensions these gov’t and state workers get. Politicians do nothing that deserves so much money or benefits while people who work their butts off are out of work. All our jobs are going overseas, it they weren’t there would be more jobs here. They want this country to stop catering to the rich. Does anyone care about the Bill of Rights?? Or the Constitution?? The government is trying to get rid of the middle class.

  3. Middleboro Review says:


    Of all the issues surrounding the protests, what a disappointment
    that this is the subject of your comment: Pelosi as target.

    You might have raised the issue of police brutality being caught on
    camera, or in Boston the union support and the efforts to unite to
    provide food and services.

    You might have even addressed how/why the Corporate Media has done
    its best to ignore the protests.

    You might have even commented on the panicked reaction among
    the Party of Big Corporations.

    Or you might have even noticed the United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts

    Casino’s = Corporate Greed A pure, unadulterated transfer of wealth without any pretense of benefit to the consumer. — with Tom Larkin and Occupy Boston.

    On their facebook page:

    What could define “Corporate Greed” better in the Commonwealth than the
    Expanded Gambling legislation being considered on Beacon Hill?
    They wouldn’t even consider excluding lawmakers from working for the
    Gambling Industry for 5 years, even as they are surrounded by scandals,
    indictments and cronyism.

    Or this instigation:

    American Spectator Editor Admits to Being Agent Provocateur at D.C. Museum

    Jon, I’m just saying, you could have done better.

  4. tsal says:

    Mikey is right. One underlying theme is that they want income equality and not inequality. They understand we are no longer a democracy. They come from all walks of life but they represent the majority of us. It should not be difficult to understand that they don’t like Pelosi. They are neither democrats or republicans – they are every day, average people who are sick and tired of the wealth running this country. They want reform to all areas where there is corruption – on the side of democrats and republicans. The reason many don’t know what they want is that they are taking the queue from BOTH SIDES – something foreign to those who play a party as if it has all of the answers. Brand new concept and it’s easy to see why most don’t understand but sad they don’t want to try.

    Like our forefathers – they want equality for all – not just the “kings” More power to them and a heartfelt thanks from me.

    1. merimack says:

      tsal You state that the occupy group are ” every day average people” . That is true of the tea party group, also. I guess I don’t understand why they are protesting against the very people who might be their next job.

      1. Tsal says:

        The tea party Represents very a right wing agenda. It does not work with the democrats or republicans and will not accept any compromise. It fits to maintain income inequality Very opposite what the intent of the 99 group is. We will have to see if the 99 group can uphold its values The tea party sure didn’t.

      2. Tsal says:

        I’m nit sure what you mean by protesting against people that might be their next job. Are you saying we should let the wealthy and corporate America continue to have tax breaks just in case they might create a job? If so, corporations are sitting on trillions – more than any other time in history. If they were going to create jobs they certainly would now more than ever They are NOT going to create jobs. It’s a scare tactic

    2. JohnC says:

      I will take issue with your statement that “we are no longer a democracy”. The fact that the economy stinks, principally because the legislators that we re-elect every two or six years have done an abysmal job, does not signal the end of democracy. My vote counts exactly as much as that of Bob Kraft or Donald Trump.
      We have precisely the government that we voted for. “We have met the enemy, and he is us” – Pogo.

      1. Tsal says:

        We are a plutocracy. The wealth controls our country. Lobbyists and special interest groups, large corporations and monied individuals control our politicians.

      2. Tsal says:

        I apologize for typos. I’m on my iPad and it loves to autocorrect

        John you are right that your vote counts in electing but do you believe once elected the pols work for the majority or for the money?

    3. roudydowdy says:

      tsal, I always enjoy your well thought out comments. I think you give our forefathers too much credit. They didn’t want equality for all. They wanted equality for all rich white men. They didn’t want equality for poor people, women, Negroes or native Americans.

    4. beaches says:

      You are so right, I couldn’t agree more.

  5. mikey says:

    In the near future these protestors will probably end up standing in soup lines as I don’t see this economy going anywhere but down. Food banks and outreach councils need your donations. The need has never been greater.

  6. Jerry Rubin says:

    We shall see after the heavy rain promised for Thursday. just how “committed” these “poor me”, wannabe 60’s radicals will be when they get soaked. Funny how a 2 hundred thousand million dollar war doesn’t bother them but student loans & jobs can get them furious. All I can say is don’t push your luck. This isn’t San Francisco and the guys in blue will not put up with any bad manners on the streets of Boston.

    1. petem says:

      ‘poor me’, ‘wannabe 60’s radicals’? Is that what they are, or are they people who are fed up with takers? Are you a taker Jerry?
      How can you say they didn’t care about the 2 trillion $ war? Why wouldn’t the elimination of student loans to help them make their live and the lives of others better or the dearth of good jobs bother them?
      Are you in favor of a police state Jerry?
      Please think before you type.

  7. massman says:

    This is exactly how out of touch the right is. What does Nancy Pelosi have to do with this? Give me a list of Senators who aren’t wealthy. These are the people who really need a voice. The people who are really struggling in this country. Republicans have already labeled them a nuisance. Perfect. As the tea party dwindles, and the 99% continue to rise, I’m looking forward to the 2012 elections.

    TSAL – If you haven’t watched the movie Too Big To Fail, do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s enlightening, and the end explains why these protests have begun.

    1. tsal says:

      You are right, massman, that Pelosi has nothing to do with this and it surprised me to see this commentary. This isn’t a right or left battle – it is a fight for the existence of middle class America. I am amazed that Americans can’t see past left and right to see the far bigger picture – and what our founding fathers intended for our country.. They did not want a two-party system. One of their greatest fears was party politics. Amazing that several hundred years ago they could see the problems it would create and we can’t even see them when they are in front of our nose.

      As far as those who do not approve of these protests, If a person agrees that 80% of income gains should go to the top 1%. If a person approves of corruption in private healthcare. If a person approves of our politicians being governed by special interest groups, lobbyists and corporate greed as opposed to those who elect him/her, then I can understand why that person would not approve of the Occupy movement.

      Massman – I have not seen it but will make a point to in the very near future. Off to check out your link.

  8. Stephen Stein says:

    “There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead them”

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