BILLERICA (CBS) – Police in Billerica are warning residents to be careful after a series of break-ins that occurred while the homeowners were asleep inside.

Police used a reverse 911 call to alert the sections of town hit by the rash of recent burglaries.

One part of Billerica has seen at least five break-ins since August.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

The warning from police states that, “In all of these cases the suspect has entered the home after 2 a.m. and has stolen cash from purses and wallets left in the kitchen.”

And its not just housebreaks, several cars have been broken into as well. The people living here are alarmed.

Many say they used to leave cars and even doors unlocked sometimes, but those days are over.

Police are telling people to lock up, and keep outside areas well-lit.

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  1. Dave says:

    Billerica Neighborhood On Edge After Series Of Break-Ins

    Maybe the Billerica police department show issue all residents a license to carry.

    See how fast the night break inns stop.

  2. Watchdog1 says:

    Where is the “Homeland Security” we’ve constantly heard so much about.? A few pairs of night-vision goggles and laser tag paint guns in the right hands would clearly show a trail for police. Police who, for some unknown reason even though they’ve everything ( pattern, frequency, location, etc.) except a will to catch the culprits. Put up a reward for the public and watch how fast these guys a taken down!

  3. Steve says:

    What neighborhoods are on watch? This is the only piece of info not mentioned in the story, but the MOST IMPORTANT to those of us living in the town!

  4. Sm says:

    Three names they should look for Mulchahey, Daigle and Runyon.

  5. sja says:

    No guns needed. Top Secret Systems costs less than most guns, and will keep crooks out.

  6. n a says:

    All i know is that my neighborhood has been on watch due to these breakins. Personally i believe that if the Billerica Police did something about the car breakins which have dated back to march/april, this whole negative situation could have been avoided. From my own personal experience i am deeply distraught about this and i feel unsafe in my own house. The police need to step up their game and catch these morons!

  7. Tercentennial Resident says:

    why those names above?

  8. Tercentennial Resident says:

    Police should post constant speed traps on Tercentennial Road as well, cars constantly go 50 plus mph on that road, throw in the breakins, and some extra billerica police presense should be there.

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