LAWRENCE (CBS) – A new move is underway in Lawrence to unseat the city’s controversial mayor, William Lantigua.

A first recall effort went down to defeat two months ago. But, the group has a new leader and a new strategy.

The group now calls itself “Uniting Lawrence.”

They need to collect more than 5,000 signatures and hope to get double that. They plan to ask voters to sign a recall petition as they leave the polls on election day.

  1. blackbear1 says:

    “Uniting Lawrence”, will you please get this mission accomplished ASAP. I cannot believe this guy is still in office. The last effort was poorly run and the mayor’s inner circle took care of eliminating good signatures from the last petition. Please, a strong, single minded, focused effort. The mayor is laughing at how he has mocked, abused and otherwise stuck a finger in the eye of a city that needs help, not more pwer mongering. Do it!! Too much time has elapsed and this story is getting old. Go “Uniting Lawrence”!!

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