BOSTON (CBS) – Employers who hire illegal immigrants could face jail time, under the terms of a bill that’s being reviewed by a legislative committee.

The bill, filed by state Rep. Ryan Fattman of Sutton gives violators two chances before they’re hit with mandatory jail time.

“The first and second strike not as severe. The third time and it’s three strikes and you’re out. That third strike basically is a mandatory minimum of six months in prison for the employer,” said Rep. Fattman.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

Rep. Fattman said employers that hire illegal immigrants need to be held accountable.

“It’s a magnet that attracts illegal immigration, and Americans and legal immigrants who come here the right way should be the first persons that are offered those jobs,” said Rep. Fattman.

The legislature’s judiciary committee recently held a hearing on Rep. Fattman’s bill. He said he’s not sure when the committee will vote on the measure.

Comments (13)
  1. sean says:

    Couldn’t agree more. The employer that put Obama’s uncle back on the job should read this. Oh, every landscaper and cleaning company in Ma should read this too!

  2. emom says:

    every nursing home should read this,,,,Honestly any company that PAYS to hire anyone from out the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA should never have the oppurtunity to do so…. they Buy their visa’s to work here and take jobs from those that might do that job. But one problem I have with this ,,, WHY THE 3RD STRIKE…. it should be 1st strike ONLY ,, no second or 3rd chance.,,, thats setting so many folks up and creating to much expenses to the people that are legal that pay taxes in this state… I rather see better uses of my tax doillars than paying for these people that continualy will break the laws,,, One chance then jaill PERIOD

  3. Paul says:

    Not that the employers shouldnt be punished…but what about the illegal aliens themselves. Many do not have jobs that can be identified…and they use the Medical, educational and monetary benefits issued by the State.

  4. BILL says:


  5. IronManCC says:

    I think jail time is a bit much, considering we don’t even deport all of the ILLEGALS here. However, heavy fines and even taking away their business licenses are a good start. :-)

  6. confuse not says:

    Illegal is Illegal! 3 Chances is 2 too many! One is enough.

    1. Lynn says:

      I so agree. i truly dont understand what part of ILLEGAL they dont understand. Firts offense, in jail, sencond offense deport the ignorant american that cant support their own country.

  7. confuse not says:

    Companies that ship work overseas should be prosecuted too. (Like Software Companies that have people in India writing programs for them.) This is taking jobs away from US Citizens…

    1. tjb says:

      i dont think thats against the law….but i do wish theyd keep the jobs here, maybe levee a tax on jobs that go over-seas….but im all for jail for the 2nd offense, a 10k fine for each illegal, on all offenses ….. its against the law for me to submit fraudulent papers, licenses etc……. it should be for them too…. it makes me sick when i hear “they do the jobs americans wont” thats bull, ive been in construction for 30 yrs…… if illegals are needed, then why not the migrant worker program? then theyre not illegal…….or just increase the pay to fit what amercans need to survive on, not all of us get freebies….

      1. response says:

        I would go one step further and add a tax credit to all americans who purchase products made in America.
        This will entice Americans to purchase products made here in America

  8. A says:

    Just deport illegal immigrants and this wouldn’t be a problem

    But if it has to be, fine – but this 3rd strike stuff is silly.
    It is no less of a crime the first time than it is the third

    I will agree that prison time is a touch too much, we have plenty of harden
    criminals for whom the “seats” should be reserved, but hit them financially in such a way that they will never be able to open another business

  9. response says:

    If they do not vote on the measure, at the least, someone should be looking into Employer new hire reporting that is not taking place.
    There are strict new hire reporting requirements in this state now, can’t we enforce it?

  10. emom says:

    Why are employers even ALLOWED to hire someone that … A) has no citzenship,.. B) Is her on a WORK VISA, C) was hired thru an agency to hire out of country people thru a GREEN CARD status and that employer allows pays for all their expenses for that green card and visa,,,,
    I would rather these any any of the jobs available to them from another country be reffered to americans HERE, that are totally legal and willing to do those jobs…. LOOKS AROUND and ask your self why is it even allowed…..Oh and dont even get me started on them not even speaking ENGLISH.. that should be a total MUST

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