BOSTON (CBS) – For some lucky sports fans, Saturday just may have been one of the coolest sports days in Boston history.

Dunkin Donuts managed to get to Bruins, Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox to bring all four championship trophies together as part of a ticket giveaway promotion.

About 150 fans who won tickets through radio and social media contests got to see, touch, and take pictures with all four trophies.

Alongside the Stanley Cup, the Celtics had their 2008 trophy on display, the Red Sox had theirs from 2007, and the Pats showed off theirs from 2005.

Comments (3)
  1. Paul says:

    There are only a handful of cities with all four team sports and only three that have won all four championships….name them….hint….Boston is one

  2. Dee says:

    Chicago and NY? I have no idea. But did all four teams win within a ten year period?

  3. tannerjack says:

    I was one of the lucky ones who got in. Thanks for a spectacular day Dunkin’ Donuts!

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