Phantom Gourmet: Carnival Food At Unexpected Places

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Dave Andelman Dave started Phantom Gourmet in 1993. During that time,...
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BOSTON (CBS) – Popcorn, toys, and games are usually items you can find at the fair.

But this is actually “Z Food and Drink” in Manchester, New Hampshire; An upscale restaurant where every table gets a complimentary bowl of gourmet popcorn.

“We have fresh popped popcorn that my staff is popping here everyday. We dress it with garlic butter, rosemary, thyme, and truffle oil.”

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Fried dough is another fair favorite and at the “Horseshoe Pub” in Hudson, Mass, they’ve turned it into a sundae!

“Everybody likes fried dough. Everybody likes ice cream. So what do you do? You take the fried dough, you put the ice cream in, you add a little flavor.”

“What we do is we take our bread, we cook it in the fryer, we make our own dough, it comes out looking like a big bowl.”

Just down the road from the “Big E”… “The Federal” in Agawam serves everything from rib-eye steaks, to seared scallops, to fresh-spun cotton candy.

But if you want to experience the real thing, the Topsfield Fair is open until Monday, and King Richard’s Faire runs weekends through October 23.

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