BOSTON (CBS) -The ceremony was memorable and the banner looked incredible.

But once the puck dropped all of that disappeared. Instantly.

The moment itself was very surreal. The hype, drama, celebrations, tears, happiness and waves of emotions we all felt ended. Just like that they were gone. In their place stood the good old fashion, inconsistent, flashes of brilliance, stupid mistake-making Boston Bruins. Yes, that team. They’re back.

They were good and then all of a sudden they were bad. They looked composed and at times lost. In the end, I think we can all take a collective sigh of relief and say “eh, it’s only the first game.”

Here are three things to take away from Thursday night’s 2-1 loss to the Flyers.

Signs of Hope

Let’s start off by saying that at least the team didn’t come out and fall flat on their faces. That’s a good thing. The first period seemed to be going well, in the beginning that is. The third line combination of Jordan Caron, Tyler Seguin and Chris Kelly was very impressive. They moved the puck and times looked like a legitimately skilled offense. The defensive pairing of Dennis Seidenberg and Joe Corvo, who had one assist on the night, looked decent as well. With a power play goal by Brad Marchand, this team seemed to be rolling. It was a late goal in the first period by the Flyer’s that definitely took some steam out of this club.

Thomas Still Strong

By the end of the night, Tim Thomas stopped 27 shots and went home with a .931 save percentage. Both goals weren’t exactly easy saves, especially the Claude Giroux fake out. Sure he wasn’t incredible but he was good.

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It’s Philadelphia

Say what you will but this is a strong team. Claude Giroux is easily one of the best forwards in the NHL. Chris Pronger is healthy and their defensive lines are young and fast. Oh yeah, and that whole goalie situation? It may not be an issue this year. Bryzgalov is good and will prove to be an obstacle for the rest of the season. Clearly. Don’t you wish Boucher was in net last night?

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Overall, I thought the team started off well. After allowing a few goals they noticeably took a step back and simply couldn’t recover. The rest of the night seemed filled with familiar drawbacks including a poor power play, stupid penalties and missed opportunities. There were flashes however and as long as they keep developing and playing their style, they’ll be OK.

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