The Patriots were able to walk away with the win in Oakland last Sunday. This Sunday the return to Gillette to host the 2-2 New York Jets.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined Toucher & Rich to discuss the game in Oakland, his performance in the game and the upcoming game with the Jets.

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In the game against the Raiders Gronkowski had one reception for 15 yards, but despite the lack of activity in the passing game Greg Bedard said it may have been Gronk’s finest performance because of his blocking. Does Gronk agree that this might have been his best game? Did he know that this would be his roll for this game or did it evolve as the game went on?

“It was a good game overall, I mean we definitely got the W which is huge and that’s the most important thing. Blocking comes along with the roll of the tight end, so I mean I fell like it was a good game overall,” Gronk said.

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Gronkowski has become a favorite target of Tom Brady and teams have started to take notice that even as a tight end he can be a viable deep threat to the point were he’s double teamed at times. Where does Gronk see himself among other great TE in the game now?

They also went on to talk about Wes Welker and the fact that he always seems to get open. How does he do it? The also talked about the chemistry Welker and Brady seem to have. How close does Gronk feel he has come to getting that chemistry with Brady?

The Patriots exit from the playoffs last season came at the hands of the Jets. This is the first time the two teams have met since that playoff game. Does Gronkowski have a chip on his shoulder for how they lost last season? Has the Jets defense changed each time they have played them?

All this and so much more with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

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