BOSTON (CBS) – The MBTA is pumping millions of dollars to build the first new T stop in more than 50 years and renovate an existing one on the Blue Line.

The decrepit Orient Heights station on the Blue Line will undergo up to $51 million in renovations.

The MBTA has also approved a contract to build a brand new Orange Line station at Assembly Square on the Somerville-Charlestown line between the Wellington and Sullivan Square stops. It will be the first new T stop since Science Park was built in 1955, according to the Boston Herald.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports.

The $56.5 million Orange Line project will be the centerpiece to a massive development project with residence and business space along the Mystic River.

Work on both stations is due to be completed in 2014 with the help of at least 600 construction workers.

The projects will create a temporary inconvenience for commuters. Orient Heights will be replaced with bus service for six month, while the Assembly Square job will require 18 weekend diversions.

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  1. emom says:

    REALLY NOW,,, and here we were told the T was totally broke, needed bail outs, had to raise rates to maintain business.,, was in need of new trains but could not get them,, had to cut back on the amount of trains and busses that ran, changing shedules and creating problems for so many that depended on them to get around the city…. crying continually that they needed to raise much needed funds to just pay employees, then out of the blue, they created a STORE , to sell T wears, to generate business, Wonder how thats going, and now after all their crying , boo hooing , taking away laying off they are now telling us by 2014 they will have a new station and a co0mpletely renovated station…. REALLY,,,, AND HOW WILL THEY PAY FOR IT, WHERE IS THE MOEY COMING FROM, HOW MUCH IN OVER RUNS WILL IT COST US,,,,,, YEAH US, THOSE THAT USE THE T DAILY WEEKLY OR WHEN EVER, HOW MORE WILL WE HAVE TO PAY TO GO TO & FROM,,,,,,, WHO IS DOING THE WORK ARE THEY LEGIT, TRUST WORTHY, DEPENDABLE, WILL IT ACTUALLY BE QUALITY WORK, OR WILL TILES LIGHTS, PLATFORMS FALL CRUMBLE OR SIMPLY FALL APART…… WILL THERE BE SAFETY MEASURES IN PLACE TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS OF PEOPLE FALLING ONTO THE TRACKS, WILL TRAINS RUN WITH OUT BREAKING DOWN WILL BUSES DRIVERS BE QUALIFIED AND BACKGROUND CHECKED………………………….. REALLY YOU COMPLAINED YOU HAD NO MONEY WHERE DID IT COME FROM……………………. I CAN NOT BELEIVE WHAT I READ…… TYPICAL

  2. Steve says:

    emom – Thank you for saying it for me, the frustration would have been too much writing it all down. All I’m going to add is I better not hear anything about tax dollars going to this. The T is a disgrace and quite possibly the most horribly run business around.

  3. mark says:

    Really first in 55 years, Alewife opened in the mid 80’s, so that means it was built and left empty and un-used for almost 30 years? Same thing for Davis Square and Porter Square stations? Also what about all the stops north of North Station on the Orange line which opened in the late 70’s or the other end of the Orange line which opened in the mid 80’s. Not to mention all the Silver line stops opened in the Seaport district.

  4. Kris Haight says:

    Once again, people don’t fully understand how the T and its projects are funded. *sigh* People really should do their homework before they start to whine.

    ALL the money for Assembly Square came from three sources, IKEA, Federal Realty, and the Fed. NONE has come from the MBTA itself. IKEA and Federal have donated more than HALF the money for this station, and the Federal Gov’t kicked in the rest. This money was granted as apart of the American Reconstruction and Recovery Act (Obama’s first jobs plan) YEARS AGO because it’s “shovel ready”. I’m not sure why the T has said this is “news” because there have been community meetings about station design for about a year. Maybe this is because they are finally breaking ground, but its been in design for 1-2 years.

    Orient Heights needs to be demolished. This is the last station along the blue line that has yet to be modernized as apart of the “Blue Line Modernization” Project, which began 10 YEARS AGO. This station is also not compliant with ADA requirements (a federal law, the T *has* to be compliant). Again the money has already been allocated for this project several years ago, probably ground has just been broken on the project, which is why we haven’t heard about it until now.

    Look I’m not saying the T needs help, and yeah it is frustrating how money is allocated to these projects because the money is allocated years prior, and we just begin to hear about it. Plus money is allocated for specific projects and they MUST be used for that project, or the money is gone. Its not idea, but this is how our gov’t works, if you don’t like it, attend a public meeting, write to your law makers, and vote. But until then this is how things work.

  5. emom says:

    STEVE thank you ,,, after hearding about all the garbage they have spewed out over the last 6 months it made me really think of all that they have said,,, talk about recieving money, from the feds no less,, Oh by the way were do you think most of those FEDS $$$ come from after all I am sure they just didn’t just run them off the printingt press , It cam e form somewhere,,,, AH maybe all the tax dollars we pay from our salaries,, Afterall we pay a pretty chunk to the federal government in tax dollars every week and it has to go to somewhere or someone… I have to wonder ,.,, FEDS REALLY,,, another pay oiff or perk

  6. Paul says:

    I believe they mean “new” as in added to an existing line. The maps at the Heights are so old that the O line still goes to Everett, pretty cool actually but perplexing to anyone under the age of 50.

  7. vb says:



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