By Beth Germano

WESTFORD (CBS) – Westford Police are searching for the robber who viciously attacked a liquor store owner surprising her behind the counter.

They’ve released surveillance video of the beating which first shows the man putting bottles on the counter for purchase, then suddenly running behind the counter and punching the owner, Duang Keophilia, in the face, pushing her against liquor store shelves, knocking over the cash register and punching her again as she attempted to fight back.

“He sucker-punched her, pretending he was getting a soda, then ‘wham’, he pushed her against the wall,” said her son Timmy who heard the commotion as he was in the basement of Littleton Road Liquors and ran to help his mother.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

The video shows him charging the robber, perhaps surprising him, but he trips falling face first. “I chased him out and slipped as I tried to grab him. He was making threats to me saying ‘stay on the ground or I’ll stab you’,” the son tells WBZ-TV.

Surveillance cameras inside the store caught everything but the face of the attacker who was wearing a black Nike baseball hat. He’s described as a white male, about 5’6″ to 5’8″, 18-22 years old, shaved head with blonde stubble. He was also wearing a black hooded jacket with red liner inside the hood and baggy gray sweatpants with a thick black stripe down the sides.

Police are also searching for a woman seen on the video who was a customer in the store just before the attack. “She could have witnessed the vehicle this guy came in, or something else that would help us out,” said Westford police Captain Victor Neal.

Timmy Keophilia still can’t believe the violence against his mother who is recovering from cuts to her eyes and bruises on the back of her head.

“This guy is a coward. How do you do that to a defenseless woman. What kind of person are you?”, he asked.

He says his mother is nervous about getting back behind the counter but says, “I’ll be here for her”. It’s the first time in ten years of owning the business that the family has been robbed.

They’ll now be reviewing their security measures.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Westford Police: 978-692-2161.


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