Patrick Aide Faces Drunk Driving Charge

BOSTON (CBS) – A top aide to Governor Deval Patrick has been placed on unpaid leave after he was accused of driving drunk last weekend.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

Brookline police stopped Ron Bell, the governor’s Senior Advisor for Community Affairs, for driving erratically on Route 9 early Sunday morning.

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano reports

According to the police report, as an officer approached his SUV, Bell said “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me!” and “raised his hands over his head as if surrendering.”

The report also says he told officers, “That he worked for Deval Patrick, and he is very important at the statehouse”.

“That’s an allegation, and I’m not going to comment on allegations,” said the Governor.

According to police, when Bell was stopped he had “bloodshot and glassy eyes”, and failed three sobriety tests.

Patrick told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 Wednesday it’s a, “very serious matter.”

“Ron Bell is a valued member of the staff and a friend and he’s been a supporter for a long, long time. But these are very serious charges. We are taking them seriously and, more to the point, he is taking them seriously. Until they are resolved, he will remain on unpaid leave.”

“I’ve spoken to him. I didn’t get into the details of it. I’m concerned about him. I am glad that he and no one else was hurt.”

Bell’s lawyer told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that his client may have failed the tests because Bell suffers from gout.

Bell was an energetic mover behind the governor’s historic first campaign. The charges have stung a long-time reputation for political organizing and galvanizing voters and volunteers. His friend, Reverend William Dickerson, said the public should reserve judgement.

“I don’t want people who don’t know him to stop right there. They need to understand the totality of the work and the things he’s done over the years,” said Dickerson.

According the report, Bell was also acting “extremely unusual”, fumbling for his license and trying to reach under his seat. He had apparently lost a front cap tooth that friends say makes him extremely self conscious.

Police say Bell told them he had two beers about an hour before the stop.

“We expect and we hold staff to the highest possible standards. What they do reflects on all of us. And that’s why we have taken the steps we have with Ron Bell,” Patrick said.

“He’s a friend, he is a valued member of the staff, but he is not above the law.”

“No one in my office should expect to be treated any differently than any other citizen. Their expectation and my expectation is that they will hold themselves to the highest possible standard of behavior because I do.”

WBZ-TV’s Beth Germano contributed to this report.

  • sullyinma

    “His lawyer told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that Bell has gout, which may have contributed to his inability to pass sobriety tests.”

    I will have to remember that should I ever get pulled over for OUI.

  • dan

    i have to use that too..if it works for him it should work for us too

  • Petetm

    In the Herald it was reported that he had CT plates on his car. He works for Patrick but has out of state plates on his car?

    • petem

      And the Herald would never make a claim that would slant one war the other right? I’ll believe it when I see the photo…

  • web

    I looked up gout on webmd…’although diet and excessive drinking contribute to gout, they are not the main cause of the condition’….ok then, he might have gout. Symptoms include severe joint pain and swollen red skin around the joint. If his “gout” causes him to drive erratically, he shoudn’t have a driver’s license, since he is a danger to himself and others.

    • tsal

      web although I doubt it was gout or the medication for it that caused the problem, many, many people have gout and it comes and goes. That would be the same as taking away a driver’s license for anyone who gets colds.

      • web

        tsal, I agree with you. My point was that if he is using his gout as an excuse for his erratic driving, he shoudn’t be driving at all. I realize many people have gout and I have never heard it used as an excuse like this.

      • tsal

        Hi Web – I hear what you are saying – I do know of people who have sudden and unexpected reactions to gout medication – it can cause severe dizziness. As I said I am not inclined to believe the story; however, it could not only be true but any side effect from the med could have been sudden. I have taken one of the gout meds (not for gout specifically) and it took days before I had a reaction and it was sudden.

        I think it’s a natural tendency on these blogs to think we know more of the story than we do. And it’s also a tendency to go after a politician. I said on the story about Bobby Orr’s DIL that I’m waiting for someone to blame Orr. I don’t see a difference but so far there seems to be one.

  • Nosgoodforme

    Bahahahahahahah.. it just keeps getting better ! “valued” key word ,, Reserve jugment… Driving erratic got him PULLED OVER….

  • emom

    Wait Gout makes you look and act drunk,, Really and here I am drinking the stuff to feel good,, wow,,, and is he a friend or relative of the governor… He is on unpaid leave really lets try that again,,, You said what governor, that salary is disgusting what does he actually do,, governor’s Senior Advisor for Community Affairs, What kind of job is that ,, is it even a real job, what is he advising , how to stay away while this state had a state of emergency,, really is this a joke or what…. fire him end it,,,, Hire someone that would be far better…. and not waste this states money.

    • dan

      amen…mass good old boys at their best

  • dan

    you sure he is not relative of obama?

  • joe blowe

    I’m sure as soon as the media looses interest, this guy will be back at work, as was the case with carl stanley mcgee after his incident in the Florida steam room with an underage boy

  • emom

    What is this guys real job… can anyone really tell or is it a made upjob for a friend ,, I wonder what connections he has to Big Boys.. You know this would be good story to stay with because we all know what will happen,,, he will be back at work in say a few weeks, but stay low key for a few months, but still get paid,, I bet he is getting some kind of pay now,,,unpaid leave my right foot,, AND THAT SALARY AMOUNT THAT STILL TICKS ME OF,, How many other “FRIENDS” and or “FAMILY” are working in the state house that are his relations, how many are not legal citizens,, I would love to see more on who’s who:s in the state house….. with so much over spending, , so many giving perks, benifits and favors to such family & friends, I think its high time that we as the commonwealth KNOW’S the full truth… time after time we see another state employee that bucks the system, still gets their pay and gets major perks on the side, all at commonwealth expense. tax money we pay to them to be used for what it was designed to be used for but in the end it actually pays a high inflated over the top salary for some unknown job or not needed job… Yeah how many jobs HAS he created since beening in that office and how many are made up to GIVE perks & or benifits to a friend.. I think these things need to be known to those of us that pays their salary…….

  • tsal

    I consider many people I work with to be friends. They were not hired because they were friends. They became friends after I began working with them. I’d question the majority here if they said that wasn’t also true of them. The governor has nothing to do with what this man does outside of work. There are many people who get drunk and I can’t remember a time I’ve heard the person’s employer blamed. Some of the conclusions that have been jumped to here are a bit mind boggling.

  • sloopjohnB2

    I guess that gout and booze doesn’t mix. Back to work in a week when the dust settles. “Don’t you know who I am?”

  • Captain

    It was reported he had an accident at 12:20am on the same day in Boston. He talked his way out of that one. I guess the “I work for Deval Patrick” works in Boston but not in Brookline. LOL Move along, nothing to see here. Keep moving.

  • Mark

    Hey where’s Waldo? Hasn’t been a mention of Deval all week. Is he travelling or hiding?

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