Curious About Potential Dangers Of Energy Drinks

By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – They promise to pick you up and power you through your day. It’s no wonder that sales of energy drinks are booming.

But, Jack from Chatham Declared his Curiosity, asking:

“Seems to me they would be dangerous to one’s health and should be regulated. Are they dangerous?”

There’s a ton of them on the market, usually packing a lot of caffeine. Too much of that could hurt, according to dietitian Joan Salge Blake.

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“Especially for children and adolescents where the caffeine could really have some bad symptoms,” she said.

Salge Blake said that even drinks with low caffeine should be used cautiously. After all, there’s something in there to give you a jolt.

“There’s a plant called guarana and it has naturally occurring caffeine, so it’s those kinds of ingredients which can still provide the stimulus that are the problem,” she said.

You should also factor in other sources of caffeine that you may drink each day like coffee or colas because it all adds up.

Of course, many people use the drinks without difficulty, but Salge Blake said it pays to be careful. Her best advice: “If you want energy, eat good food.”

Energy drinks are considered supplements, so they’re not regulated by the food and drug administration.

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