WENHAM (CBS) – The town of Wenham has issued a boil water order after E. coli bacteria was detected in water samples.

The town says all water used for human consumption should be boiled for at least a minute. This includes water used for brushing teeth, hand washing, and food preparation.

You should discard any ice, juice, formula and uncooked foods that were prepared with water from the public water supply on or after Monday October 3.

More information is available on the Town of Wenham’s website.

  1. emom says:

    AGAIN, really how many times a month shall we hear of a town , city or group of towns that have to boil water because of a nasty pathgen.. Honestly does the water department even maintain the pipes the water goes thru, It happened in shouth shore town last year and it took many months before they finally figured out where it came from and it was a total shock to them But it was lack of maintaince on their parts,,, turned out that a seal was corroded from bird poop on a pipe joint.. If they were looked at and inspected I wonder if it would have become a problem… I wonder which town will be in the news next month,,, almost every month ..there has been a boil order. Does anyone seem to get it yet,, maintain the pipes and you prevent a major problem.

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