FOXBORO (CBS) – The Patriots and Jets are set to lock horns this Sunday for the first of two regular season contests, and according to Bill Belichick, Plaxico Burress could have been wearing red, white and blue instead of green.

Before this season, Burress last played in the NFL during the 2008 season with the Giants. Following that season, he was arrested and later imprisoned for shooting himself in the leg at a night club.

Upon his release from prison earlier this year, the 34-year-old Burress garnered interest from several teams, including the Eagles, Giants and Jets. Count the Patriots as among those who were interested, as well.

“We did look at Burress in the offseason just because of his general availability as we normally do – look at all the players that are not connected with a team,” said Belichick.

Instead, of course, the Patriots picked up wide receiver Chad Ochocinco in a trade with the Bengals. Would the Pats have considered bringing in both WRs?

“We look at everybody. Obviously, you don’t get everybody. Some things come together, some don’t. We’ll work with what we’ve got. They’ll work with what they’ve got, see how it goes.

As for Sunday’s game, Burress brings a lot of height to the wide receiver position, which can create a mis-match.

“I think kind of what we normally see from him – strong, physical guy, [who] can go up and get the ball. Even if he’s covered, he’s really not covered because he’s capable of going up and taking the ball away from the defender. [He’s] good down the field, good on the catch-and-runs [and a] hard guy to tackle,” said Belichick.

Comments (2)
  1. pats fan in ny says:

    thank goodness this did not occur. there’s enough bad boys here. too much baggage/potential distraction. play football, and bring back the old logo while we’re at it. go pats!

  2. NY sucks says:

    dude your an idiot plaxico is 100 times better than ocho. stay in ny forget about are teams

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