NATICK (CBS) – A South Boston man is asking for parole more than 15 years after a Peabody woman was brutally murdered outside her condo.

John Keegan is seeking parole for second degree murder in the death of Kristen Crowley who was killed with a large rock.

Keegan and co-defendant Timothy Dykens admitted they followed her home from a convenience store after spending the night at a local strip club.

The hearing room in Natick was packed with family members of both Keegan and Crowley.

Keegan tearfully told the Parole Board he was deeply ashamed at what had happened, and forever regrets his actions. He apologized to both families for the crime that occurred 1996.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope Reports

During questioning, Keegan placed most of the blame on Dykens.

Board members were skeptical, saying Keegan should have done more to prevent the crime.

Comments (6)
  1. Mike says:

    He should ROT in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A person who kills NEVER EVER leave prison. He only pled guilty to Second Degree after the trial where his pal was convicted of first degree.

  2. Ken Forsyth says:

    This cancer should never be allowed his freedom! He snuffed out Krissy’s light and he should pay for that forever!!

  3. thor's hammer says:

    murder is murder, and the law needs to be rewritten to establish joint venture so that there’s no plea deals. hope the parole board get this one right after their track record in the past was responsible for springing someone who murdered a cop. while we’re at it, there should be no perks for perps in prison – all this nonsense of computers, phones, free education, free health care is just wrong justice for the victim only!

  4. Danielle Lussier-Harvey says:

    He should not be allowed to live his life….Krissy isn’t…

  5. Liz Vitali says:

    It was a deliberate act. He has shown what he is capable of. He does not deserve parole and should not be allowed to have any sort of life outside of those prison walls. Krissy’s family, husband, and friends were denied a life with her so he should be denied also.

  6. emom says:

    REALLY VERMIN WANTS RIGHTS, WHAT ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF HIS VICTIM…. ROT IN HELL, NO CHANCE OF PAROLE, I feel for the family and in no way should this creature be allowed rights to get paroled, he commited a serious crime, took the rights fo another and feels he what…… no leave him to rot,,, never to walk amongst us… its one less vermin we need to worry about,

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