FALL RIVER (CBS) – A day after finding “reckless endangerment” on the part of two state employees in charge of inspections at a pool where a woman drowned in June, the Bristol County District Attorney now wants state pools to be subject to public health inspections.

DA Sam Sutter says the Department of Conservation and Recreation needs public health oversight after Marie Joseph drowned and her body went undiscovered for days.

A second DCR manager resigned Tuesday, however after it was after prosecutors hit both men with the charges.

A time-lapse video of Fall River’s Veterans Memorial pool shows it went from filthy to disgusting to dangerous in the weeks before it was allowed to open — putting all young swimmers at risk.

DCR Commissioner Ed Lambert says that’s why heads rolled and pool safety procedures were changed.

Sutter doesn’t understand why the DCR’s 47 swimming holes statewide aren’t required to pass Department of Public Health inspection.

DCR says the two agencies’ do work together, but would welcome changes.

Sutter says public health oversight needs to be built in by the time state pools open next June.

Comments (2)
  1. eddwal50 says:

    I have a better idea let the local health boards have oversite of state swimming pools it seems the state board of health would allow pools to open with a wink and a nod rather then send out workers to inspect the pools

  2. emom says:

    Another example of state employee’s wasting out tax dollars,,, How many others are doing much of the same thing….. Hey theres a news story state employee’s taking advantage of commonwealth folks tax dollars,,, I really want to know where and what my tax dollars are doing and paying for…Because honestly I dont see any improvement at all in any area at any time… All I hear is more waste and more still more waste,,,,,

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