BOSTON (CBS) – The summer of 2011 was a season of joy for the Boston Bruins family, as players, coaches, and team staff members planned and then held their day with the Stanley Cup.

Passing the Cup around to all of the team members is a hockey tradition that dates back to 1995. However, there are rules, according to Cup keeper Mike Bolt. For example, the Cup has a curfew.

Bolt also said some winners have ideas in mind about what they would like to do, while others ask for suggestions. He added that there is a booklet with Cup rules and regulations.

Celebrating With Stanley Part 2:

Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference and his wife, Krista, opted for a parade in Boston’s North End.

“Krista gave me full reign that day,” Andrew Ference told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

Full Interview With Ference And His Wife Krista:

“I didn’t win the Cup. It was all you, so you get your day,” said Krista Ference.

Officials with the Hockey Hall of Fame helped organize the event. A flash mob also got involved, and thousands turned out on Hanover Street on a sunny, hot Labor Day. Krista Ference said the key to its success was giving late notice.

“We wanted people to come,” she said, “but we didn’t want it to be absolutely out of hand. It was on the news and the radio, the morning of.”

Listen: Celebrating With Stanley Series

“At the end of the day, I don’t think I could have said I’d rather have it be anything than what it was,” said Andrew Ference.

Bruins forward Chris Kelly said his wife Krissy planned the whole Cup day. Their day included a visit to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, a barbeque, and night-time party.

Full Interview With Kelly And His Wife Krissy:

“It was a great day…and I knew from day one that if I ever won the Stanley Cup, I wanted to bring it to CHEO,” said Kelly. “There are so many families going through a tough situation, and if I can put a smile on a kid’s face, or a mom’s or dad’s face, even for five minutes, that meant the world to us.”

While planning a Stanley Cup celebration was new to the Ferences and the Kellys, it was not new to Bruins Assistant Coach Doug Jarvis and his wife, Linda. They have been a part of six Stanley Cup winners, which puts Doug Jarvis in an elite group.

In fact, to this day, Jarvis holds the record for most consecutive games played (964). Jarvis is known as the ‘Iron Man of Hockey.’

“For me, I enjoyed playing hockey, said Doug Jarvis. “That was my job. It was a passion. I loved to do it, and I didn’t even really think of it in terms of a long streak. I just wanted to play the game every night we had a game.”

Full Interview With Jarvis And His Wife Linda:

Linda Jarvis said their Stanley Cup experience 11 years ago, when they won with the Dallas Stars, helped them plan their day this summer. This time, they opted to take the trophy to small villages around their lake home in Canada.

“With privilege, comes responsibility, and it is an incredible privilege to have the cup for a day, it really is,” said Linda Jarvis.

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