After a tough loss in Buffalo the Patriots went into Oakland and left with a 31-19 win over the Raiders. Tom Brady completed 16 of 30 passes for 226 yards and 2 touchdowns. Rookie Stevan Ridley rushed for 97 yards and recorded his first career touchdown.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin spoke with Toucher & Rich about the win in Oakland, Jerod Mayo’s injury, the Patriots defense and a look at this coming game against the Jets.

Jerod Mayo will be out for a month with a sprained MCL. Colvin suffered the same injury in his days in the NFL, and let the guys in on what the injury is like and what the rehab is like.

“It’s not an injury that requires surgery. It is something that you think is more serious than it is because of the way your knee feels. It definitely is a MCL it just depends on what grade and he could be back sooner than two weeks to a month. Typically it takes three or four weeks to heal then you go out and you usually put a brace on it and you secure it with tape and you’re okay,” Colvin said.

The guys moved on to discuss the defense and the fact that they gave up over 500 yards to the Raiders. Does this team have the make up where they can continue to improve to a moderately or good defense?

“You look back at history, Patriots defenses aren’t always number-one like the Raven or the Jets have been. What we’ve done in the history is we’ve made it work to what we need to do to win ball games. The key is when Tom and the offense face a defense that’s number 1 or top 5 the defense has to play well enough to keep the opponent’s offense under 14 or under 21 points,” said Colvin.

Wes Welker caught nine passes for 158 yards and a score, why are defenses leaving him so wide open?

They also discussed Richard Seymour taking some penalties for his team, giving the Patriots great field position. Why was he playing like that? Did it have anything to do with the Patriots trading him back in 2009?

The guy also looked ahead to this coming Sunday when the New York Jets roll into Gillette. All this and so much more with Rosevelt Colvin.


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