OAKLAND, CA (CBS) – WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid is in Oakland, breaking down all the Patriots-Raiders action one quarter at a time.

4th Quarter/Final Thoughts

The Highs

-Good to see receiver Deion Branch get into the mix with a touchdown grab in the fourth quarter to make it 31-13. It was his first catch in two weeks.

-Branch’s score was set up by a Welker 32-yard catch to start the quarter. Welker was an animal in Oakland, finishing with nine receptions for 158 yards and a score.

– Vince Wilfork picked up career interception number-two when he stepped in front of a Campbell pass. He didn’t have as long a return as the first (against the Chargers two weeks ago), but showed another solid stiff arm. Two picks in one season is pretty solid for a defensive lineman.

– The Patriots defense still gave up big yards, but did not give up big plays. They returned to the “bend don’t break” fashion we saw in the first two games, but that could still bite them in the backside against better offensive teams.

– That being said, Darren McFadden only had 75 rushing yards.

– Stevan Ridley had himself a day. He scored his first career touchdown and led the way with 97 yards on 10 carries.

The Lows

– On a 3rd-and-12 for the Raiders, Patrick Chung was called for a helmet-to-helmet unnecessary roughness. It canceled out some good coverage by Devin McCourty and kept the Raiders drive alive (until Big Vince came along). The Patriots need to clean up stuff like this, especially if the defense wants to get off the field.

– Brady was sacked for the first time in 10 quarters. That streak is pretty impressive and could probably take its spot in The Highs, but you never want to see #12 hit the ground.

– The Pats pass defense still looks very bad. They are still giving up big plays.

– Injuries to Jerod Mayo and Danny Woodhead could be a concern further down the road, especially Mayo. If Woodhead misses time, look for Ridley’s role to increase in the offense.

Final: Patriots 31-19

3rd Quarter

The Highs

– The Pats get the ball to start the quarter and they hit on a big 3rd down play.  Brady to Welker for 32 yards on 3rd-and-7.  Nice play. That would lead to a 33-yard touchdown run by Stevan Ridley, the first touchdown of his career.  Pats end the half scoring and open the half scoring.

– Kyle Arrington was called for pass interference and then it was later decided that they were just getting tangled.  It was the right call.  Pats benefited from it.

– Pats second possession of the quarter and they hit on a big third down play.  Wes Welker for 19 yards. Keep those conversions coming…

The Lows

– On the Raiders first possession of the quarter they move the ball down the field.  Oakland has been in Patriots territory on every drive; nothing different here.  The Raiders mix in some pass and runs and hit on a couple of 3rd down plays.  They settle for a 26-yard field goal by Janikowski.

Pats lead 24 to 13 after 3

2nd Quarter

The Highs

– The quarter starts with a 25-yard run by rookie Stevan Ridley. It’d be nice to see him, and the running game, get involved.

– On the second possession, the Pats score.  It was a Brady to Welker drive and ends with a one-yard run by BenJarvus Green Ellis. Brady hooked up with Welker on a great back shoulder play that put the ball down at the one for 21 yards.

– The Pats defense comes up big.  Patrick Chung with an interception in the endzone.  It stops a Raiders drive without putting points on the board.  Big defensive play right there, but the Pats offense only gets three out of it

The Lows:

– The Patriots first possession of the quarter finds Brady under pressure, a lot.  They end up punting the ball away.

– Raiders get the ball for the first time in the quarter and they hit big on the ground.  Darren McFadden get loose for 41 yards and Jason Campbell runs for 17.  That leads to a one-yard touchdown run by Michael Bush.  Pats are getting run on.

– Jerod Mayo gets hurt on a play and has to be escorted off.  This could be a huge loss.  On the same drive, on a 3rd and 4, Jason Campbell hits Darius Heyward Bey on a 29-yard passing play. Just terrible defense on this play.

– A couple of plays later, Shaun Ellis whiffs on a tackle and Jacoby Ford runs for 29 yards on an end around. All that early talk of tackling has kind of gone out the window…

– No catches for Deion Branch this half.  So far that’s six quarters Branch has gone without a catch.

Pats up 17 to 10 at the Half

1st Quarter

The Highs:

-The Patriots defense was not great on Oakland’s first drive, but did a much better job tackling. Especially by linebacker Brandon Spikes and corner Devin McCourty.

– On a Patriots delay of game, Oakland’s Richard Seymour does not hear the whistle and hits Tom Brady. The Pats get 15 yards and a first down. That leads to a 15-yard touchdown pass from Brady to Wes Welker on a good cross-route with Chad Ochocinco. The Pats ran the ball a lot during that first drive, with both BenJarvus Green Ellis and Stevan Ridley had big carries.

– Pats with good coverage on a 3rd and 7 play. They force Jason Campbell to scramble and they come up short. Raiders punt.

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The Lows:

– The opening kickoff was not good for the Pats. Stephen Gostkowski kicks the ball out of bounds and the Raiders get the ball to start the game at the 40. They move the ball down the field mainly on two passing plays. Both those plays, they take advantage of Rob Ninkovich. The D holds, allowing a 28 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski.

– Pats get the ball and on their first possession they have to take an early timeout. It is very loud here. Again noise plays a huge part. Delay of game for Tom Brady and the Pats.

– On the Raiders second possession, Kyle love goes down. Without Albert Haynesworth and Mike Wright, they are very thin at the defensive line. He gets up but is very slow to get off the field.

– On a 3rd and 5 play by the Raiders, the Pats defense folds. 11-yard passing play to get it done. New England needs to get off the field.

Pats up 7 to 3 after one

After the Patriots-Raiders game, tune in to the Postgame show on 98.5 The Sports Hub and Patriots Fifth Quarter on TV38.

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