By Levan Reid, WBZ-TV SportsBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) –  There is a war of words in this week’s Dallas and Detroit game. Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan said that Dallas wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant were better that Lions all world receiver Calvin Johnson. By a show of hands, who believes that…. I thought so.

“We work against better receivers with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant,” Ryan said Friday, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Ryan basically has confidence in his own guys. But these words could get under the skin of Johnson. To which Ryan says he doesn’t care.

“We’re going to get after him,” Ryan said. “I know he’s on some touchdown thing like that, whatever. (Lions offensive coordinator) Scott Linehan has done this before with great receivers with Randy Moss. If the guy is as good as Randy Moss, I’m going to go in there and hide. Thank God he’s not, but he’s a pretty (expletive) good player.”

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-The New England Patriots have injuries in their secondary and that has been discussed all week long but so to do the Oakland Raiders. On Sunday against Tom Brady, the Raiders secondary could be without 2 starters. Safety Michael Huff suffered a concussion in last weeks game against the Jets and cornerback Chris Johnson is already out with a hamstring injury. Hue Jackson says there is no time to worry about that. “Next man up,” Jackson said. “Can’t worry about it. (If) he’s out, he’s out. Next man up.”

-The New York Giants may get some defensive reinforcements this week when they take on the Arizona Cardinals. Defensive ends Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck have made the trip to Arizona this weekend. For Osi, this is big. He had knee surgery in mid August and this was the first week he was able to practice three days in a row. “It’s exciting,” Umenyiora said after practice. “This is what I like to do, love to do. I will get a chance to do that, whether it’s this week or whenever it is, I am excited about that.”

-Soccer 6 chimes in this week and apparently 6 is all about Kendra. For those who don’t know, and you really shouldn’t know, Kendra is the wife of football player Hank Baskett. Hank is a nice player. Not great but works hard. 6 tells us that this week was the shows premier and Hank did not get pick up by any NFL teams. To which I say SHOCKER!!!!. Soccer says right now he is a receiver for the Virginia Destroyers of the United Football League. I really thought 6 was going to say he’s playing flag football or started a basket weaving company. That would be a great idea for and show.

6 says the first episode centers around the rumors that Hank and Kendra are broke. I mean I can’t imagine that. She has no talent and he has no job. How could they be broke. Soccer is here to save us all and tell us the rumors are false and their house is not foreclosed. This was just a joke that their neighbors decide to play on them. Hey with neighbors like those who needs the IRS!

What a cruel joke. 6 though says the joke was believable and Soccer fell for it. Ohhh Soccer Really!! step away from the television and go outside and sniff some of that fresh air. Right there is the proof that watching to much reality TV will make you soft in the head.

-Because their is no NBA right now, Soccer 6 has decided to get the hoops fill with Lala’s World. I feel nauseous just getting ready for this. I guess 6 says there are rumors that Camelo Anthony has an 11 month old secret baby by another woman in NYC. Lala, Camelo’s wife, got the news through Google Alerts. Get this Lala has her husbands name set up on google alerts and she gets anything that written about him straight to her email. Not a bad idea. 6 says the news though was false and Melo and Lala are happy. How those 2 crazy kids keep it together, I just don’t know or really care.

-6 dips into baseball and tells us that ex-Dodger Milton Bradley was arrested this week for swinging a baseball bat at his wife. Before we continue let’s put 15 seconds on the clock and see how many games we can come up with made by the Milton Bradley company. Ready go: Battleship, Candyland, Connect 4, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Jenga, Mousetrap, Twister, Simon Trouble. Phew!!! okay… back to the story, apparently he was chasing her down the street swinging at her batting cage style. 6, Milton Bradley is another athlete that is crazy for real. When dealing with him, this is his “Game of life” and the only thing he can say is “Sorry”. Hey that’s 2 more game for ya.

Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6


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