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Jimmy: I have Nate Washington, Devery Henderson, Mike Williams (TB), Nate Burleson, Deion Branch? Which two should I play?

With the Patriots offense, you can never bet on Deion Branch. So, he’s out. Mike Williams and Devery Henderson are two in the same; they have all the potential in the world, but each have questions. This time around, I’d go with the quarterback as the deciding the factor. I like Henderson. Final starter for you, I’d go with Nate Washington. He’s getting targets and Britt is gone…he should get plenty of chances to put up points.

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Joe: Possible trade: Gronk for Chandler/Fred Davis and Hakeem Nicks. I get Gronk – good trade?

No, You’re giving away way too much…Hakeem Nicks should get going and if he does, then he’s a top receiver and worth more than Gronk. Adding the extra tight end is just too much.

Kevin: Need 2 WR & 1 Flex. Jeremy Maclin, Devery Henderson, Marques Colston, David Nelson, Pierre Garcon, Malcolm Floyd & Dexter McCluster?

I don’t like Colston, because he’s just coming off injury. I don’t like Pierre Garcon, because I don’t know who will be the quarterback. Not a gigantic fan of Malcolm Floyd, because I’m not sure how healthy he is and Antonio Gates will likely not play. Without Gates, there will be less open space for the Chargers receivers. Kansas City’s offense just doesn’t get me hopping, so I’d roll with Maclin (if healthy), Henderson and David Nelson.

Urs from Switzerland: I’m in a 10-team, PPR league (starting 2 RB, 3 WR and one flex option) and I lost Jamaal Charles due to his season ending injury. My second round pick was Knowshon Moreno who has been a bust so far. Although I picked up Thomas Jones, my best options at RB are Daniel Thomas and Ben Tate. I also got Bernard Scott hoping for a suspension of Cedric Benson. As the season progresses and the value of Tate probably decreases, do you think it is worth holding on to Jones and Moreno or would it be better to pick up some potential in Kendall Hunter or Alfonso Smith or some flex starting option in Eric Decker, Denarius Moore, Brandon Gibson or even Victor Cruz?

Wow, thanks for the question from Switzerland! Looking at your team, I’m thinking I’d probably let go of Thomas Jones for either Eric Decker or Kendall Hunter.

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Urs Part II: At WR I have the trouble of choosing three starters among Brandon Marshall, Mike Thomas, Jordy Nelson, David Nelson, Deion Branch or Lance Moore. Are any of my WRs a trade option in order to get a viable RB? Or do you think E. Decker would be a more consistent option the one of the above?

Ok…must have had a ton of time in Switzerland, but again, thanks! To me, it always comes down to value that you’ll be able to retrieve when you deal them. Jordy Nelson and Mike Thomas will likely not fetch you much. Nelson right now is incredibly inconsistent and Mike Thomas’ QB situation is crazy bad. I’d hang on to Marshall. I like Decker better than Moore and Branch because he’s going to get more targets, as Branch and Moore are inconsistent due to their offenses. I’d wait until Branch and/or Moore put up another big week and sell high.

Ryan: 10 man regular league – Starting McGahee, Hightower, A Johnson, V Jackson. I need a flex option. My choices are Deion Branch, D. McCluster, P. Buress, D Williams, J. Maclin. Also, I’m trying pick up Chris Johnson for cheap. The other guy has plenty of RB depth (D. McFadden, Reggie Bush, Beanie Wells, D Thomas). He has Hakeem Knicks, S. Rice, Jacoby Ford, B Marshall and D. Thomas as Wr. Who should I offer for CJ? I have Hightower, MaGahee, D. Williams, A. Johnson, V. Jackson, D Branch, P. Burress, J. Maclin, and D. McCluster? Thank you sir!

Hey Ryan…As your flex, I’d roll with Jeremy Maclin if he’s healthy. If he’s not healthy, try your hand at Plaxico Burress. Deion Branch is too inconsistent, Kansas City’s offense is a mess and DeAngelo Williams isn’t worth a start until he shows a pulse.

As far as the trade question, he needs a third wide receiver and it wouldn’t be bad to throw in a running back for some depth. I’d offer him Deion Branch and McCluster and see if he’d go for it.

Tyrone Biggins (via Facebook): Steven Jackson or Dexter McCluster? Santonio projections look grim this week vs Baltimore…worth a start?

Alright Tyrone, if that is your real name…If Steven Jackson is healthy and ready to roll, I’d throw him out there over McCluster. That KC offense is eh and Minnesota’s run defense is 4th in the NFL. Baltimore’s pass defense isn’t great, so depending on who else you have, Santonio isn’t a bad option.

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