It was June 16th, 2007 the last time a coach or manager was let go in Boston. After all the talk Thursday about scapegoats and all the blame can’t be placed on one guy, why is Terry Francona no long the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

The man who initially reported that Terry Francona was out as Red Sox Manager, our MLB Insider Jon Heyman, joined Gresh & Zo to discuss the situation.

“There is going to be more to this story than we ever hear,” said Heyman. “It’s possible from what I’m hearing that ownership is clearly on board with this decision. Whether they are behind it I couldn’t swear to it… There was the September swoon of epic proportions, the clubhouse was not together, and there were some issues of players not being in shape.

How’d it come to this? Was it mutual? Where do the Sox and Terry go from here? That and much more from Jon Heyman.


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