IPSWICH (CBS) – An illegal immigrant from Brazil charged with hitting a girl with his truck in Ipswich may be deported.

Authorities said Wanderson DaSilva-Neto was backing up on his driveway on High Street when he allegedly hit an 11-year-old girl who was riding her bike to school.

Witnesses said the girl was screaming as she was dragged under the vehicle for about four feet. She suffered non-life threatening injuries.

DaSilva-Neto is charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, but his attorney Tony Papoulias said the girl was traveling in the wrong direction.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Bernice Corpuz reports.

“He was pulling out. She was coming in the opposite direction from him, and he didn’t see her. That’s pretty much what happened here,” said Papoulias.

DaSilva-Neto is also charged with not having a driver’s license. He was ordered to be held without bail.

Authorities said he also has an U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer against him.

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  1. justme says:

    ” May be deported” ??? Shouldn’t that be ” Will be Deported” ?

  2. caroussel says:

    It should be WILL be deported, but unfortunately that is not the case. And how nice of his taxpayer-paid-for lawyer to blame it on the girl. It wouldn’t have happened if he was in Brazil where he belonged. It also would not have happened if his landlords had refused to rent to illegals.

    1. Bob Leavitt says:

      The IDIOTS tha run this State just don’t get it. ILLEGAL means ILLEGAL. Take care of the tax payers not the a holes who take from the taxpayers

  3. caroussel says:

    Anyone caught driving without a license should have their vehicle seized and sold at auction. Any immigrant, legal or illegal, caught driving without a license should have their vehicle seized and then they should be deported. Serious consequences might keep some of these bozos off the road. That should take care of the drunks and the illegals.

    1. Paul says:

      Absolutely….If you do not have a valid US driverslicense the care should be siezed and sold…unless the owner can prove that the car was stolen. Owners who let illegal unlicesed driver on the road should lose their cars too….That will end a lot of people from allowing “certain people” from putting cars in other people’s names.

  4. emom says:

    HOLD IT ,,, WAIT A MINUTE, AHHH WHAT,, ANOTHER ILLEGAL WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOU KNOW WHO TO FINALLY TAKE THIS MATTER SERIOUS,.., SOMEONE TO DIE…….. OH WAIT THAT HAPPENED AND HE STILL SAT ON HIS RUMP AND LAUGHED AT US… TOTAL WASTE OF A HUMAN,,, he has no MORAL CODE, he has no descent bone in his body… HE is as bad as his buddy allowing illegal immagrants in this country to work on expired visa.. at this point those born here LEGALLY from LEGAL parents, are the true IMMAGRANT… THE 2 OF THEM MOCK THOSE THAT CAME HERE LEGALLY , OBTAINED VISA’S. THEN LEGAL STATUS AND FINALLY CITIZENSHIP TO LIVE HERE.AND THIS IS HOW THEY BOTH TREAT US…. I cant wait for them to both leave, I wish we can put on the ballet a law or rule that any politician that does not up hold the law does not abide by the law, does not uphold to what they stated to their people that they can and will be impeached,, we need to prevent more of this in the future…… I have absolutly no respect for either of them..

  5. A says:

    Really hope someone is keeping track of these case. Someone who will be sure to remind the fine folks of Massachusetts, what party stands for what resolve when it comes to illegals

    We both know what it will take but as Keller put it yesterday, “let’s not bring his family into it”

    I will let you guess who “he” is

    But that is what it will take – sad as it is

    1. Steve says:

      I was actually a little bull at the comment by Keller yesterday, that we should “not bring his family into it”. I think what that poster said was a valid point. I don’t think we were “bringing his family into it”, it was a simple statement not in anyway wishing harm on anybody. It was to simply point out that some of our ideologize that seem so conclusive to us would suddenly seem less obvious if we were more directly effected by the outcome. I don’t think saying if it was one of our family members who were the unfortunite victim we’d feel differently about it is an unfair statement. I think it’s a point deserving an ear.

      1. Steve says:


    2. emom says:

      A. I get what you say,, But I betif it involed his family or even a friend something would be done right away… I feel that everyone that enters this country should have a valid up to date visa, All children from those parents are to be registered and by their 18th birthday obtain citizenship, Or they should have green cards that again are up to date and valid,, HOWEVER,, those that are to be monetering them should bulk up their forces and keep an eye on these visa’s and green cards,, With technology today its real easy, its lack of man power looking for those that break the law… Also knowing where these people are is very important,, If you go to a forieng country they moniter you all the time. And if you are there to long the send you home.. in the end our government has failed us majorly… MR THE ONE THAT SHALL BE NAMELESS, I dont like saying his name , ever since I got ripped at for MISSPELLING his name, Gee like its a since… any who,,, and his buddy the big man in charge,,, cant say his name either , they both make me sick,,, Are we sure they are demorcrats,, last I knew 2 republicans started allowing illegals to enter this country with no checks,,,, They both have the same names .. JUST SAYING .. it started then.. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I GET SO ANGRY OVER THIS ISSUE,,,,,sorry not angry at you .. just in general

  6. Phil says:

    Thanks Governer………Again.

  7. Jean says:

    We our state took illegal immigration seriously, we wouldn’t have to wait for them to commit a crime before facing deportation. Also, where was this guy working?? Another job lost to an illegal. I’m with the above posters, any vehicle being used by an illegal should be seized by the state and sold at auction.

  8. Steve says:

    Now wait a minute, I can’t believe all these statements. What about the poor innocent illegal immigrant? What about protecting him. That girl is to blame for all of this. If she hadn’t been riding her bike she’d be fine. Do you all forget what state you live in!? Don’t forget, we are to protect an illegal immigrant at all costs. Who cares about us American citizens. Don’t you all remember that illegals have more rights than we do? We should do whatever we can to protect them. Sorry, just trying to save Deval from having to write this himself, figured I’d do it for him.

    Now as far as I’m concerned…. DEPORT HIS @SS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here ILLEGALLY! Driving ILLEGALLY! Hits a little girl!!!! DEPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and while we’re at it, DEPORT THE DUMB @SS LAWYER protecting him and trying to accuse the girl of the wrong doing! As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not a US citizen, and you don’t pay taxes, then you have absolutely no right to a tax funded state appointed attorney. Let him represent himself, don’t speak english, to bad. And for all you POS’s out there that are going to talk about his rights…. as far as I’m concerned, he has none. The rights and protections of our constitution and state apply to that of it’s citizens; LEGAL CITIZENS. You’re not a US citizen, you’re not protected under our laws…. PERIOD.

  9. web says:

    Again? I just paid over $600 dor driver’s ed for my daughter, then I will pay the $$ for her license…and he doesn’t have to. And if my daughter does something wrong on the road, I will have to pay for the lawyer.

    1. Steve says:

      Only your fault, you should have come to this country illegally then you wouldn’t have to worry about those expenses.

      1. web says:

        the whole thing is just too frustrating for words

  10. mikey says:

    Geesh, DON’T deport him! At least not right away. Make him sit in a jail cell for an EXTENDED TIME, and then MANDATORY deportation. Deport him right away and it’s like a get out of jail free card. More than likely they’ll just find their way back again. And back into MASS.

    AND make any mandatory deportation be a felony if they are EVER caught back in the borders of Mass

  11. Steve says:

    But Mikey, if he sits in jail that’s costing us tax dollars. I don’t want any illegals in our jail system, it’s just more tax dollars at work that should be used in better ways.

  12. Denise says:

    Once again I’m amazed… Laws are only made for those of us that will obey them. We have many many many people driving around w/o a license – the only problem is if you are a US Citizen you seem to get the book thrown at you – if your an illegal they slap you on the wrist and let you go! After all what can they take from them… their welfare, food stamps, free healthcare, House??? But once again the “family” that is vicimized by their actions has to grieve for those they’ve now lost and pay for the medical costs of those that were injured and luckily not killed! What are they going to do if they can’t afford it…

  13. caroussel says:

    His employer and landlord should also be charged. They should be facing a judge on charges of aiding and abetting for harboring an illegal immigrant. If it weren’t for low-life employers and landlords, this problem would not be as big as it is. Maybe we need to start embarrassing the landlords. Start posting their names and addresses. We don’t always find out who is employing these people but we usually get an address for where they have been living.

  14. Paul says:

    Did you see where in Alabama, yesterday, the Courts threw out a law that would make aiding or harboring an illegal immigrant illegal? You can hide them and help them and it is not illegal to do so……

    1. TheProofBallet says:

      Did you know, we already have that law here?…

  15. Bob Leavitt says:

    I have a way to get them out of the state,it involves a pint of gasoline and a match!

    1. Paul says:

      An old shovel and a bag of lime…

  16. Denise says:

    Actually… if our economy keeps going the way it is … they’ll all be going home because that’s where all the jobs will be! We’ll have nothing – and then they won’t let us in their countries to take their jobs! Much like we are required to be vacinated etc when traveling… but don’t require people coming here to be! Because we can’t offend anyone! OMG…that would be just so wrong…. But lets let anyone come here and take what we have and abuse our systems w/o any consequences… No wonders they’re all laughing at us and calling us stupid Americans!

    1. Yikes says:

      good point, who knows who’s coming here with who knows what disease!

  17. TheProofBallet says:

    If this was a natural citizen I wonder if people would be just as upset about the fact that he accidentally hit a girl. It sucks, I wish people, especially young people didn’t die especially in such pain but truthfully we can’t speak about this mans moral code. For all we know he wants to be back in Brazil but is here because it is the only way to take care of his family furthermore it could also be happenstance that he is illegal. For example, he could have come here legally, got married legally, tried to begin citizenship but his wife couldn’t afford it or something of that matter.

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