Paul Perillo of Patriots Football Weekly joined Felger & Massarotti to talk some Pats football. New England faces the Oakland Raiders and Richard Seymour on Sunday. Would the guys make the Seymour trade again? Is first-round pick Nate Solder filling Seymour’s shoes? Or is the Pats defense suffering because of that trade? maybe the Patriots use of the draft did not pan out so well.

It has been two years since the trade happened Tony loves Seymour but has his opinion on the trade changed? Felger, on the other hand, thought Seymour was slowing down. Does he still believe that?

The Patriots defense has had trouble stopping the run this season. Is Seymour’s absence one of the reasons for the problems?

Tony has also been awfully negative lately. Felger lets a Red Sox fan call Mazz out.


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