By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Does WBZ have a policy about what it shows during its’ newscasts?  Remembering that noon and 5 and 6 o’clock newscasts are during meal hours, and many people like myself watch the news during dinner, what possessed you to show video of a deformed cat without some sort of warning?  – Keith, Brookline

We certainly didn’t mean to upset anyone.  The story Keith mentions is about a cat born with 2 faces.  His name is Frank n’ Louie and he just turned 12, setting a new record for longevity for this type of feline.  In fact Frank n’ Louie was going to be euthanized until the woman who adopted him, well, adopted him.  She was told he wouldn’t live long, but here he is 12 years later.  They call them Janus cats, which refers to the Roman god Janus who had 2 faces.   Diana Perez did the story.

We thought the story was interesting and certainly unusual.  We also thought the cat was kind of cute.   You can see the story here and draw your own conclusion. 

To answer Keith’s broader question, we often discuss what to show and what not to show in our stories, especially when they involve violence.  Sometimes we give a little warning if something we think might be uncomfortable to watch is coming up, or if it might not be appropriate for young children.  We didn’t think the cat story needed a warning.   Ultimately our news director makes the decision.  For example, on the same day we showed Frank n’ Louie, we did not show a photo of a deceased Michael Jackson that was part of the ongoing trial of his doctor. 

Certainly different people have different sensibilities.  Sorry if the cat story bothered you.  That wasn’t our intention.

For anyone who saw the story….what’s your opinion?


Comments (5)
  1. Rich says:

    Keith, get rid of the skirt and man up…..that is a part of life so stop your sniffling. I found it to be an interesting subject and can still enjoy my food.

  2. Richard says:

    Keith, unless you eats cats, what’s your problem. Piece of advice .. Don’t EVER assist your wife with birthing !!!!!

  3. David says:

    Keith, although you are indeed entitled to your opinion, I watched the same broadcast as you. Now if memory serves me, there was a short announcement about the cat that would take place after a commercial break. I would have thought that if this was something that you found disturbing, you would have changed the channel.

  4. Herminia Malihan says:

    Keith, what’s wrong with you? If you don’t like the news then you should have turned off your TV or change the channel. Don’t you like cat’s whether they are normal or deformed? I guess you are not an animal lover, I am deformed or not….

  5. MaryEllen Milne says:


    Frank & Louie is (are )”kind of cute”)ond owner of cats myself, I sure wouln’t mind a little fellow(s) like that. God bless the lady that owns him (s).

    I’m just curious to know if the two kitties have separate personalities II had a similar situation myself. It was any years ago, but I still remember it vivedlyIf she ever runs into opposition about this unusual kitty (please put me in touch with her; I’ll be right there in a flash to help.

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