By Paula Ebben, WBZ-TVBy Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – Landing a job in this economy is tough for just about anyone. But ask Cinde Dolphin and she will tell you it’s even more difficult if you are one of the 2.1 million unemployed Americans over the age of 55.

“I worked in public relations and marketing for Coors Brewing Company for about 24 years,” she said. “There was a layoff of about 30% of the workforce and I was among those who were laid off.”

If you are over 55, finding a job takes a little over a year, on average, which is 16 weeks longer than someone in their 30’s. So, older Americans are facing a new challenge: keeping up with Generation X and Generation Y.

WBZ-TV’s Paula Ebben reports

That’s exactly where Cinde went for help.

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“I hired a tutor from the local college for $20 an hour to teach me how to do Twitter and it became apparent that I had some skills and I could do this and do it well,” she said.

That kind of forward thinking is critical to landing a job. Everyone today needs to be flexible and understand the power of social media. But experts say you can’t just stop there.

“You are not just as young as you feel,” explained career consultant Ellen Gordon Reeves. “You are as young as you look. In this age of society, you have to do everything you can to communicate enthusiasm, youth, energy. The right haircut, the right posture, you might need to die your hair. Whatever you need to do to look as young as you can.”

First impressions are also important. Gordon Reeves recommends telling anecdotes during an interview that show you are a team player.

Cinde landed a job with a marketing company. She is specializing on social media promotions for a wine company.

“I learned new ways of doing things. It helped me kind of reinvent myself and kind of get excited about new things that are going on out there,” she said.

Comments (5)
  1. Thomas Hood says:

    So this is actually an ad for CareerBuilder? It sure seems like it. Where’s the actual content? And by the way, I can’t imagine how learning to tweet is somehow a relevant job skill. I call shenanagans! This is not an article, it’s a shill for CareerBuilder.

    Y’all should be ashamed!

  2. Denise says:

    Really ?? That article was vague. Cut your hair and try to look young! Oh ok

  3. Jacalyn says:

    This report offered nothing new and in fact did what employers are doing to potential employees over 55, stereotyped them. You assumed that we haven’t kept up with technology and that we don’t know how to project ourselves in an interview and so on. I have been seeking a job for three years. I have a law degree and am well versed in social media. I’ve had my resume re-worked several times by professional resume services and in all of that time I’ve had two interviews…and didn’t get the job. I’ve applied for everything from jobs in my field to fast food. I think you’ve missed the real story.

  4. Michael Libman says:

    Depends on what the job is and how much you are asking. If you want to work another 10-15 years without having the need to touch your savings, just take any job if you can not get one in your field.

  5. Tim Perkins says:

    She paid someone $20/hr to learn how to use Twitter?? This is supposedly to help her land a job? Wow! She can afford to pay someone that kind of money (How many hours of tutoring did she need?) and she needs a job. She could have hired me for less. I need the money and could have saved her some dough

    Does anyone else out there think that being able to “Tweet” is going to get them a high paying job?

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