REVERE (CBS) – The recent violence involving illegal immigrants has prompted several sheriff’s to turn up the heat on Governor Patrick to enforce the Secure Communities Act which would have states more aggressively go after illegal immigrants.

Governor Patrick says Massachusetts is already doing what’s expected, and are sharing fingerprints and convictions with ICE.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

He says, “I understand that there is sheriffs who have political reasons, to try to make headlines, we’re trying to get results.”

So what is going wrong?

“That’s a question that is fairly directed to ICE, which has the authority around immigration,” says Patrick. “It’s absolutely an outrage that someone who has committed a crime and been deported is back on this country. We do not monitor the borders.”

In the meantime, Patrick says, this state will keep focused on crime and violence which he says is the state’s business.

Comments (5)
  1. mikey says:

    Is Patrick on drugs? The State is already doing it’s part?

    What part????

    Now I KNOW I’m in the twilight zone!

  2. Mark says:

    Hey Deval,You are already on record as telling ICE that Massachusetts will not support them in their mission to get rid of illegals.How can you talk out of your &%$ now and say that “there is sheriffs who have political reasons,to try to make headlines,we’re trying to get results.” First off,it’s there ARE sheriffs.Apprently you were either misquoted or Milton Academy should give you a refund.Your Attorney General has said that requiring ID’s at polling places is unconstitutional because it places an unfair economic strain on certain individuals. Oh,but it’s okay to force health care down people’s throats who can’t afford it or they get fined.While we’re at it…wipe that smug smirk off of your face when you are on camera.You are a condescending,smarmy know-it-all liberal jerk!!

  3. Nab71 says:

    You have to understand that Deval comes from the elitist mindset that ” If I say it, it must be true.” His truth is the only truth, despite the facts. The Big Lie lives.

  4. John A says:

    Hope everybody in the Commonwealth remembers what a clown and embarrassment Deval has been. Send the smug elitist packing at the next election.

  5. Phil says:

    Um. That’s a lie.
    They think we’re stupid.
    They should. We keep electing the same Despots.
    The last three speakers were felons remember?

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