BOSTON (CBS/AP) – Red Sox pitcher John Lackey has reportedly filed for divorce from his wife Krista, who is battling breast cancer.

According to the celebrity web site TMZ, Lackey filed on August 30, according to court documents in Texas, claiming “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.”

The Lackeys married in November 2008.

There has been no comment from John Lackey, who pitched Sunday night against the Yankees.

After the game at Yankee Stadium, an angry Lackey said a member of the media sent him a text message about 30 minutes before the game with personal information.

“I shouldn’t even be standing here having to deal with this,” an upset Lackey told reporters. “I’m sitting here listening to music. I don’t know who got my phone number, but that’s over the line.”

He wouldn’t say who sent it or what it was about.

Listen to Lackey Interview

“It was unbelievable I got to deal with this,” Lackey said before ending his conversation with reporters.

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Comments (19)
  1. Marc J J Golden says:

    Guess his wife cant stand him either

  2. blackbear1 says:

    Whenever I feel down and not so good, a John Lackey press conference is a great “pick-me-up”. This guy is an absolute riot! We should keep him around just for the press conferences alone.

    My heart does go out to his wife and her medical condition.

  3. Lisa Valente says:

    No class…

  4. Mark Scanlon says:

    Well…He’s 2 for 2. Sucks at baseball and being a human being.

  5. geri cody says:

    Lackey is a loser – I hope when Spring training starts in 2010 Lackey is GONE!

  6. response says:

    “It was unbelievable I got to deal with this”- you wouldn’t have to deal with it, if you hadn’t made the decision to divorce your wife back on August….
    You brought this it on yourself.
    I pray for Ms Lackey’s full recovery and I pray you never win another game in this lifetime.

  7. Mojo says:

    Wow. CBS is getting stories from TMZ now?! Journalism at it’s finest!

  8. Had enough of Lackey says:

    Can the Red Sox file for divorce from him?
    Hopefully Krista will get well enough to celebrate getting rid of him!

  9. JohnC says:

    I will be a happy person when news agencies that claim to have some class will stop carrying stories about the personal lives of celebrities. Like him or not, John Lacky’s personal life is non of our business. I gotta agree with Mojo.

    1. buildmeister says:

      Actually I’m glad that this made the news. Now I know not to support the Red Sox in any way until they dump this jerk.

    2. Timothy Andrew Stankus says:

      Lackey brought this up himself. The TMZ article was released the next day. The only reason anyone caught wind on the article was because of Lackey himself. Also Lackey brought his wifes condition up to the media at the start of the season so it is not unreasonable to pursue stories on his personal life.

  10. Tee Kay says:

    Lackey is a jacka–. Does anyone remember the rant he made against the Red Sox when he lost a 2008 playoff game 3-2 to the Sox? He said “We are a better team than they are. We lost to a not as good as us. I want to throw somebody through a wall”. Is that what you think of the Yankees, John? Yet our dear Theo signed this nut; and everybody lived happily ever after – NOT!

  11. tannerjack says:

    Hey John Lackey, who the hell do you think you are? John Edwards? At least it might explain why you’ve sucked ever since you got here.
    All my best to your soon-to-be better off wife. I will keep her in my prayers.

  12. jaygee says:

    Lackey is not only lacking baseball ability but also moral ability. I suppose that when he stated “til death do us part”, he really didn’t mean forever. Looking at his wife and then him, one has to wonder what she saw in this guy in the first place other than celebrity. Simply another multi-millionaire athlete who is grossly overpaid and spoiled to the core.

  13. FireGuyFrank says:

    There are reasons why the Red Sox have struggled: injuries (take a hard look at the training and conditioning staff/program this off-season); slumps (they happen); and, apparently, a moral and ethical compass that is completely out of whack.

    If it were up to me, I’d dump him as soon as I could. There has to be a talented pitcher in the system to call up now. No doubt there will be others available in a few weeks.

    But don’t forget to review the training and conditioning. Injuries have been too large an issue with this team the last few seasons.

    1. Tito the Spitter says:

      When an owner decides to give a man who plays a game, 75 to 150 million dollar contracts, wouldn’t you think that staying in shape and being conditioned would be your #1 goal? Most, not all, simply think they are worth every penny and then take the money and run. When a baseball player, even a bench warmer, makes more than the President…..I think we have a problem.

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