WEYMOUTH (CBS) – Crews have repaired a water main break that affected a large section of Weymouth on Sunday.

Officials announced just before 5 p.m. that the break had been repaired. A few residents may get brown water initially, but that should clear up after the water runs for a few minutes.

Water leaking up onto the street was first noticed on Sunday morning.

Weymouth work crews had to crack open a section of Commercial Street to get to the source of the problem.

“Temporarily, some people will be out of water while we pinpoint the leak, and slowly we can get things back to normal,” said DPW Director Jeffrey Bina.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports.

Bina said that beyond the lack of water, there shouldn’t be any additional problems.

“We’ve contacted the fire department, so they know about the condition, so there’s no hazards as far as safety,” said Bina.

Inspectors were at the scene to ensure there was no problem with water contamination.

Comments (2)
  1. julie jones says:

    it is 3pm. this was posted prior to 3pm. If you cal lthe emergency line they tell you the water is still not okay to drink. they have no ETA for when it will be fixed. They are having issues with the pumps at the site. This post makes it sound like the water issue has been fixed. It has not. And the water is not okay to drink. A little while = all day.

  2. PeggieQ says:

    it is 3:30 PM and I now how brown swill coming from my faucet. My neighbor started calling DPW at 6:30 am with no answer, for several hours, until we got a robot call before noon telling us of the break! We knew it at 6:30. I do not consider 9 hours A LITTLE WHILE. I dare someone from DPW to take a drink.

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