BOSTON (CBS) – A new UMass Dartmouth poll out on Sunday shows that 56 percent of Massachusetts residents favor the latest casino measure, which allows for three casinos and a slot parlor.

“Opinions have really been frozen now for at least four years, and it really doesn’t matter how you ask the question, you get the same answer. We did previous polls (with) the governor’s proposal back in 2007, Speaker DeLeo’s proposal in 2009, and now this proposal, and in every single case, the results come out almost identical,” said poll supervisor Dr. Clyde Barrow.

The Massachusetts Senate takes up casino gambling on Monday. The proposed bill has already passed the House.

Supporters argue as many as 5,000 jobs could be created, and $300 million to $600 million in tax revenue could be generated each year.

Opponents dispute those numbers and argue that the social costs outweigh any benefits.


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